Selling on Etsy: A Guide for Indian Sellers

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In today’s article at Myonlineca, we will offer you information on How to Sell on Etsy from India. Etsy is one of the top global online marketplaces, and it is particularly favored by innovative individuals who desire to sell their personalized, handcrafted products and artwork on the internet. As of mid-2017, the site averaged 32 million unique monthly visitors, so Etsy is a practical platform for sellers who want to reach a wide audience and generate the profits necessary to sustain an online business.

How to Sell on Etsy From India

After selling locally, Etsy also offers you the opportunity to expand into the global marketplace. However, where to begin? Thankfully, the site has made it really easy to launch your international venture, and a few helpful tips and strategies are below so you can go global with confidence.

The advantages of selling internationally on Etsy

By expanding your Etsy shop into a global marketplace, you can harness the power of purchasing trends that occur throughout the year in different parts of the world. Additionally, that diversification could help you maintain profits even when buying activity slows down domestically.

Furthermore, even if you are new to selling on Etsy, you can offer international shipping as a means to quickly broaden your customer base, especially since buyers from abroad may narrow down their searches to those sellers who will ship internationally. Additionally, if you are located outside of the United States, shipping internationally will also allow you to access the U.S. buyers that make up a significant portion of Etsy’s clientele.

Although you will need to make some adjustments to your listings by providing new shipping options and rates, and adjusting your delivery times, it will be worth your effort to go global.

Capture the attention of international buyers

In a few simple steps, you can transform your Etsy seller account into one that will attract international customers, as well as enable you to ship your orders globally:

  • Translate your listings with the handy “automatic listing translation tool.” This way, your listings can be read by a broader audience.
  • Add appropriate tags and keywords to your listings so that international customers will find your items, even if they go by a different name overseas.
  • Offer international shipping as an option for the items in your shop. Additionally, having clear ship-to destinations within your listings will help your items appear in the appropriate search results.

Establish your location and shop policies

After filling in your location in your Etsy profile so that international customers will know where their orders will come from, it is also a good idea to provide the weights and dimensions of your products, in both U.S.

Furthermore, metric evaluations. This data will empower buyers to understand what to expect when they purchase from you, as they will be responsible for the delivery expenses.

The “Store Policies” section of your profile provides you with the opportunity to establish that you offer worldwide shipping. You can use this section of your profile to concisely and clearly state what you are offering to customers, including delivery times, exchanges and refunds, duty charges and customs fees, and payment types. Keep in mind that these policies are designed to protect both you and the buyer, but they are also intended to instill confidence in your shop.

Establish your shipping profiles

A great way to save time when it comes to adding your shipping rates to your Etsy listings is by setting up shipping profiles. With this useful tool, you can update several listings in a shorter amount of time, and you can also create multiple shipping profiles for the different items in your shop.

Setting up a shipping profile is quite straightforward.

  • When creating a new listing, go to Shop Manager and then click on “Listings,” followed by “Add a Listing.”
  • Find the Shipping section, where you can choose whether you want to have your rates calculated for you or if you want to enter them manually.
  • Fill in details such as where you will ship your item, the processing time that a buyer should anticipate, your location, the product’s dimensions, and shipping and handling preferences,
  • including domestic and international charges or shipping upgrades.
  • Click “Save as a Shipping Profile” to be able to use your new shipping profile on multiple listings as well.

Alternatively, you can set up a Shipping Profile whenever you desire by:

  • Heading to your Shop Manager page.
  • Clicking on “Settings” and then selecting “Shipping Settings.”
  • Choosing “Add a Shipping Profile.”

Regardless of how you initially set up a shipping profile, you can always edit it later if you change your mind.

Consider the charges associated with international shipping

Whenever you ship an order internationally, it may be subject to fees that are determined by the destination country, as well as customs duties and import charges. Certain countries may even require specific documentation before sending your products to another country. As the seller, it is your responsibility to ensure that the package and its contents will comply with both import and export laws, as Etsy will not assume any liability.

When it comes to customs clearance fees, taxes, and duties, which can vary from one country to another, buyers are generally responsible for handling these expenses. It is difficult to predict which fees, if any, will end up being applied to any of your shipments. Additionally, Etsy does not expect you to calculate or collect these taxes and fees. That is why it is important to clarify that the buyer will be responsible, so make sure to include this in your shop’s policies.

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Receive international payments

After you have made an international sale, it is time to collect those profits and ensure you’re getting the best possible rate when it comes to transferring foreign currency revenue back to your home account.


I hope you enjoy this article about How to Sell on Etsy from India.

  • Etsy: a globally renowned online marketplace where creative individuals can sell their handmade crafts, vintage items, and unique supplies.
  • Seller Handbook: an invaluable resource for individuals seeking comprehensive guidance on successfully navigating the selling process on Etsy.
  • Legal: refers to the various policies and guidelines that govern sellers’ activities on Etsy to ensure a fair and trustworthy platform.

If you’re feeling perplexed, you can always pay a visit to our website to acquire further knowledge about the art of vending your merchandise on Etsy all the way from the magnificent land of India.

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