Top 15 Etsy Digital Products for Sale in 2023: Examples Included

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You might be pondering…

“Sell digital products on Etsy?? I thought Etsy was for handmade goods!”

And you’d be correct. It is.

For the artistically inclined, Etsy can be a treasure trove. You can sell paintings, candles, bound journals, and everything in between.

But even if you weren’t divinely gifted with arts and crafts skills, you can still make a substantial sum running an Etsy shop.

Nowadays, digital products constitute a significant portion of sales on Etsy. And they’re only becoming more popular.

To assist you in avoiding overwhelm with options, here are 15 of the finest digital products to sell on Etsy in 2023.

Where To Learn To Make Etsy Digital Products

Before we delve into the most popular Etsy digital products, you might be wondering how to actually create them.

Fortunately, learning how to create the digital items on this list isn’t as difficult as it seems. There are numerous different apps and websites that can assist you in creating digital templates quickly.

Adobe Illustrator is, of course, the most widely recognized, but it has a steep learning curve (and it incurs expenses).

A free, user-friendly alternative is Canva. It’s designed with the novice graphic designer in mind, but it can produce work that resembles it was made by an expert.

That being said, if you’re serious about selling digital products on Etsy, it wouldn’t hurt to enhance your skills. There are plenty of complimentary courses where you can learn all the graphic design and technical skills you need to thrive on Etsy.

Keep in mind, designing printables is just one aspect of the puzzle. To learn the entire process of creating a passive income business with Etsy, take a look at these paid and free Etsy printables courses (also check out my favorite E-printables course review).

Photo editing software offers a digital canvas for refining images, with tools ranging from simple adjustments to intricate manipulations, empowering users to craft their visual narratives with precision and creativity. Whether enhancing colors, removing imperfections, or adding artistic effects, these programs provide a platform for turning snapshots into stunning compositions.

If you’re new to printables, another tremendously helpful resource is this complimentary seasonal printables eBook.

Wildly Popular Digital Products to Sell on Etsy

Whether you need a work-from-home side gig or you’re searching for a travel-friendly job to earn while on the road — selling digital downloads on Etsy can become a lucrative extra income source.

#1 – Business Cards

In today’s world, everyone is a businessperson. Well, maybe not everyone, but enough individuals that the business card industry is thriving.

With valid justification as well.

A business that no one knows how to locate is a failed business.

Individuals are consistently searching for ways to obtain sleek, unique business cards to promote their enterprise. If you can provide that, you will greatly succeed.

screenshot of store trying to sell planners on etsy

You will also be one step ahead when it comes time to advertise your business card business.

The best part is, you can utilize Canva’s business card maker to design them quickly.

#2- Personal Planner Templates

For many individuals, personal planners are the sole means of keeping their lives organized.

Without them, they would descend into complete outdated chaos, running around like a headless chicken.

Etsy sellers understand this. Scratch that, they rely on the disorder that would ensue in their absence, and they strive to provide customers with exquisitely designed digital and printable planner templates.

Personal planner templates are among the highest-selling printables on Etsy.

screenshot of store trying to sell calendars on etsy

After purchase, customers download the pages individually and print them off on their own. They will then punch holes in the pages and assemble them into the binder of their choice.

Simple and straightforward.

#3 – Calendars 

Parents always say, “Enter an industry that’s continuously in demand, and you’ll never be unemployed.

Well, they weren’t just discussing physicians and pilots — this also applies to individuals who make calendars.

For as long as we exist on this planet, we’ll need to be able to keep track of the passing days and years.

screenshot of store trying to sell ebooks on etsy

Certainly, you can utilize the calendar on your mobile phone. However, millions of people still prefer to write things out in a traditional manner.

If you’re skilled in digital art — or using Photoshop — you can sell trendy, one-of-a-kind calendar templates that individuals won’t be able to locate elsewhere.

#4- Ebooks

Before the internet evolved into what it is today, the only method to become a published author was to secure an agent and obtain a contract with a major publishing house.

Today, that’s not the situation. With the development of ebooks came the capability for writers to independently publish their own work. One such platform that facilitates this is Etsy.

So, whether you’ve written the extraordinary next American novel or a fresh self-help book brimming with intriguing advice — consider putting it up for sale on Etsy.

screenshot of store trying to sell educational material on etsy

The process is mostly identical to selling on Amazon. Simply finalize and format your manuscript, insert any title covers or internal imagery, then upload the files into your store.

Once a customer makes a purchase, they can download the files and enjoy them perpetually.

#5- Educational Instructables

With the bothersome pandemic still lingering about, homeschooling is still quite popular.

And while every state mandates parents to educate their children with a fundamental curriculum, numerous parents enhance their instruction with external educational resources. Resources such as flashcards, trivia papers, numeric worksheets, and more.

screenshot of store trying to sell wedding invitations on etsy

To put it concisely, if you possess a passion for imparting knowledge to young minds and a talent for crafting lesson plans, you can market your materials directly on Etsy.

#6 – Wedding Invitations

Fun fact: Tying the knot is an expensive endeavor.

The wedding industry is a billion-dollar industry annually, eagerly inflating prices on anything it can designate as “wedding merchandise”.

And while we won’t criticize its business prowess, not everyone can afford the exorbitant price tag attached to wedding necessities.

This includes wedding invitations, which is one reason why digital invitations enjoy widespread popularity.

Instead of splurging on lavish invitations printed on flamingo skin paper (apparently, that’s a thing?), purchasers can download designs that are equally visually appealing but choose to have them printed on less expensive, non-flamingo paper.

screenshot of store trying to sell resume templates on etsy

Card stock may lack extravagance, but it serves its purpose.

#7 – Resume Templates

With unemployment steadily rising as a result of the pandemic (among other factors), the future holds numerous job interviews.

And these countless interviews necessitate myriad flawlessly structured curriculum vitae.

If you have knowledge about organizing employment history and competencies in a way that will capture the attention of potential employers, you can earn money by selling resume templates.

Individuals like me, with absolutely no skills in graphic design, will greatly appreciate those templates. Take my money!

screenshot of store trying to sell photos on etsy

#8 – Photography

An image might be valued at a thousand words, but that doesn’t imply the average individual wants to spend thousands of dollars for unique and original photography.

Fortunately, Etsy is filled with the work from both emerging and professional photographers who have put in significant effort and dedication to perfect their craft.

It turns out that many independent photographers (who haven’t signed with prominent agencies) earn a decent income by selling their prints on Etsy.

If you are familiar with operating a Canon camera, you can do the same.

One peculiar niche in photography on Etsy is foot pictures. Yes, you heard it right. Individuals are generating income by selling foot images on Etsy. I was just as surprised as you are. This unusual niche deserves its own article, so if you’re curious, here’s the ultimate guide to selling foot pictures online.

screenshot of store trying to sell lightroom presets on etsy

#9 – Lightroom Presets

Undoubtedly, Adobe Lightroom is the most popular photo editing software available in the market.

And although there is a significant learning slope, it becomes simpler the further you utilize it.

Those who desire to save more time use Lightroom presets. That is to say, preconfigured settings or filters that can swiftly be applied to a collection of photographs to enhance their appearance.

Individuals are constantly seeking new presets to elevate their photos, so if you possess the technical expertise to create your own, you can generate a substantial income by selling them on the platform.

screenshot of store trying to sell menus on etsy

 Whether it’s an anniversary meal, graduation celebration, or an intimate dinner party, every seated dinner necessitates a menu.

Restaurants are not the only ones employing sophisticated menus. More and more people are beginning to include printed menus in their celebrations.

If you possess the skills to format menus attractively, there is a place for you on Etsy. Much like the other options, all you need to create is a visually appealing digital template that buyers can customize and print.

#11 – Logos

In 2021, there were 5.4 million fresh business applications in the United States.

screenshot of store trying to sell logos on etsy

That is a MASSIVE amount of logos that need to be created.

Many of those new business owners are going to jump on Etsy to find logo designs. And that’s where you step in.

The catch is, while some logo sellers on Etsy are legitimate graphic designers, many are not.

Nowadays, there are numerous free AI programs that can instantly produce countless logo ideas. So technically, you don’t even require any skills. (At least until your client requests something extremely specific).

screenshot of store trying to sell social media templates on etsy

#12 – Social media templates

Social media can be incredibly important for businesses. But it’s also a time drain.

That’s why social media templates are among the most excellent digital products to sell on Etsy.

You can select a platform like Instagram and create bundles that save time for business owners.

These could include pre-composed captions, a content scheduling calendar, copy-and-paste hashtags, and even day-to-day action plans.

That way, business owners don’t have to waste brainpower trying to master Instagram’s latest algorithm. They simply follow your instructions and fill-in-the-blank templates and continue with their lives.

This works for other platforms as well. And you can even specialize further to capture a smaller segment of the market. Like an Instagram guide for real estate agents, for instance.

screenshot of store trying to sell digital paper on etsy

#13 – Digital paper

Digital paper designs are a crafter’s closest companion.

They are essentially attractive designs that can be utilized for scrapbooking, planner-making, journal-decorating, or any other paper-related do-it-yourself project.

As an Etsy vendor, all you need to do is create a variety of these digital paper design templates, upload them to the platform, and (if people are interested in them), watch the passive income flow in.

Evergreen products are a reliable option on Etsy. However, it’s also a good idea to follow the trends.

During the pandemic, everyone worked from home. Millions of individuals will continue to work remotely — at home or as digital nomads — indefinitely.

screenshot of store trying to sell Zoom backgrounds on etsy

Zoom calls skyrocketed in popularity. And not everyone has an appealing background at home for video calls. If you’re like me, it’s filled with slightly dirty clothes that are too clean to wash but too dirty to mix with clean ones.

Custom Zoom backgrounds solve all these issues. Instead of a background filled with your dirty dishes, you can pretend to be in a luxurious New York penthouse, a meticulously maintained library study, or a patio with a view of the ocean.

We’ll conclude the list with a “meta” digital product to sell on Etsy.

See, every day, new vendors join Etsy (like you). And every day, those vendors need to establish a professional-looking shop. Not all Etsy vendors are tech-savvy (remember, a significant portion of Etsy is handmade goods), and they don’t know how to design banners and branding kits for their shop. That’s where you come in – the Etsy vendor for Etsy vendors.

Bonus: Digital sticker packs

screenshot of store trying to sell Etsy shop graphics on etsy

Source: WidescreenEducation Many individuals have transitioned from taking notes in a physical notebook to utilizing notetaking applications like GoodNotes.

Digital sticker packs are filled with stickers that can be utilized in digital planners and notebooks.

Some of the most popular digital products on Etsy – including digital stickers – are customizable.

That implies purchasers can easily modify the files (ex. altering the color of a sticker) after they purchase them.

Selling Digital Downloads on Etsy FAQs

Is selling digital products on Etsy lucrative? Yes, the market for digital items on Etsy is considerable and expanding each day. In comparison to physical products, the initial costs involved are minimal. Most expenses will revolve around obtaining the licenses required to create your digital files and paying Etsy fees.

Once that is done, it becomes sheer earnings.

Do digital products sell on Etsy? Digital products are in high demand and sell rapidly on Etsy. Etsy shoppers are not just interested in handmade items, but also seek out reading material, design templates, and much more. If you create a top-notch product that is in-demand, your chances of success are excellent.

How can I create a digital selling item on Etsy? The process of creating a digital selling item on Etsy closely resembles listing a physical product. The only difference is that instead of sending the item physically to the customer’s address, you upload a file that the customer can access after they have made their payment.

What types of digital products sell the most on Etsy? The digital market on Etsy is vast and expanding continuously. However, the digital products that sell the most are those that provide solutions to customers’ problems. These include educational materials, resume templates, instructables, and anything else that customers can use to improve their lives.

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