Angering Goddess Lakshmi: 5 Habits to Avoid

Goddess Lakshmi
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Goddess Lakshmi is revered as the bestower of prosperity, abundance, and wealth in Hinduism. To attract her blessings and avoid upsetting her, it’s essential to refrain from certain negative practices. Here are five habits that can anger Goddess Lakshmi:

Angering Goddess Lakshmi: 5 Habits to Avoid

  1. Anger and Abuse: Negative emotions like anger and verbal abuse create an environment of negativity and discord, which repels Goddess Lakshmi. She prefers residing in a warm, loving, peaceful, and harmonious atmosphere.
  2. Keeping Surroundings Dirty: Goddess Lakshmi prefers cleanliness and orderliness. Ensure that your home is regularly cleaned and free of debris, such as cobwebs. A clean environment is more welcoming to the Goddess than a place filled with filth and chaos.
  3. Wearing Unclean Clothes: Devi Lakshmi values cleanliness and hygiene. Therefore, it’s important to wash your clothes regularly and maintain good personal hygiene to gain her favor.
  4. Indulging in Earthly Pleasures During Inauspicious Hours: During Brahma Muhurat (2 AM – 4 AM) and in the evening, when individuals are typically wealthy and prosperous, some may forget about their spiritual practices and turn to earthly pleasures. These hours are considered suitable for worship in Sanatan Dharma, and the Goddess of wealth may become displeased if people misuse this time for worldly indulgences.
  5. Sleeping During Sunset and Rising After Sunrise: Sleeping during sunset and waking up after sunrise is considered inauspicious and disrespectful to the Goddess of fortune. Such habits are associated with poor health and other afflictions.

To invite the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi into your home and life, it’s advisable to cultivate positive habits, maintain cleanliness, and show devotion and respect during auspicious times.

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