Diwali 2023: Avoid South Direction for Diya Lighting

Diwali 2023
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One of the most significant and cherished festivals in India is Diwali 2023, a celebration marked by immense enthusiasm and fervor. During this festival of lights, homes are beautifully illuminated, and extravagant parties are organized to commemorate the occasion. Diwali is also a time for people to worship Goddess Lakshmi, light traditional oil lamps called diyas, and enjoy fireworks. This special day is marked by the exchange of gifts and sweets among friends and family, as well as the tradition of wearing new clothes. According to Hindu beliefs, Diwali marks the return of Lord Rama, Lord Lakshmana, and Goddess Sita to Ayodhya after their exile, an event celebrated by lighting diyas.

Vastu Shastra and Diwali Lamps

This year, Diwali falls on November 12. It is essential to adhere to Vastu Shastra principles when lighting lamps during Deepawali. Renowned astrologer and Vastu consultant Pandit Hitendra Kumar Sharma advises against lighting lamps in the south direction on Diwali day. However, on other days, it is permissible to light diyas in this direction.

The Significance of South Direction in Vastu Shastra

In Vastu Shastra, the south direction is associated with Yamraj, the God of Death. The tradition of worshipping Yamraj on Narak Chaturdashi, a day preceding the main Diwali celebration, has been a longstanding practice. It is believed that on Narak Chaturdashi, Yamraj descends to Earth to determine an individual’s time of death. Therefore, it is recommended not to light lamps in the South direction for the two days of Diwali.

Avoiding the South Direction: Symbolism and Auspicious Practices

Lighting a diya in the South direction is seen as symbolically guiding the God of Death to one’s home, which is why it is best to avoid doing so. However, it is still considered auspicious to light a diya for Yamraj to ward off untimely death.

Alternative Placement and Illumination

If you choose to light a lamp for Yamraj, it is advisable to place it in front of the pooja room or at a crossroads. Another option is to place the diya under a Peepal tree. Additionally, you can brighten up the darker corners of your home with fairy lights, lamps, or additional diyas.

In summary, Diwali is a vibrant and joyous festival celebrated across India, but it’s important to observe Vastu Shastra guidelines when lighting lamps, particularly in the south direction, to ensure a harmonious and auspicious celebration.

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