Where is Geetanjali of kerala story? | Picture of Geetanjali Kerala Story

Geetanjali Kerala Story
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Geetanjali Kerala Story Genuine Picture, Story: The characters and events of three college-bound girls named Shalini, Nimah, and Geetanjali are the main focus of The Kerala Story, which is based on real-life events. We have previously let you know the genuine subtleties of Shalini Unnikrishnan, and presently we will educate you regarding Geetanjali’s genuine person in the film.

Please watch the movie first if you haven’t already, as there will be spoilers. The story of Geetanjali, who committed suicide in the film “The Kerala Story,” is one of the saddest and most difficult ones. Because her boyfriend Abdul posted her photos and videos online, she committed suicide.

Geetanjali Kerala Story

The genuine picture of Geetanjali was taken out from the public space after the occurrence. Geetanjali’s picture is not on the internet or in the public domain. Presently coming to her folks, they are as yet hanging tight for equity, and a body of evidence is enlisted against Abdul.

Geetanjali’s dad and mom are living in Kochi, and you can likewise check their image and video in the post-credit succession of the film. Our The Kerala Story Review and other show-related articles are also available.

All of this concerned Geetanjali from “The Kerala Story.” What is your take on the film and its characters? Kindly let us know in the feedback section. Stay tuned for more news and updates.

For quite a long time one asked why India scarcely had any movies which recorded unmistakably and truely some turning points which occurred in our country. Indeed, even those movies or television serials which showed the detestations of Segment, consistently had “bhaichaara” planted into the story. Maybe the reality of the situation was displayed with next to no regret, a local area would feel insulted or offended and would detest Hindus for it.

The truth of the matter is that when any memorable truth is displayed in a real way with no space for individual molding appearing, one can expect to see improves in the public eye. This is precisely exact thing “The Kerala Story” does. It puts out the distinct truth there for any kind of family down the line, with the expectation that individuals will understand that not simply the Hindu young ladies are indoctrinated and taken advantage of, yet the Muslim youths as well.

Very much like how films on Nazis caused common society to understand the repulsions of the death camps and achieved the finish of the very, one expectations that “The Kerala Story” opens the eyes of Indians to the detestations of programming by extremist Islam, and closures it atleast in India.

The story is around 4 little kids who sign up for a course in Nursing in a rumored school in North Kerala. One of them, the courageous woman Adah Sharma (Shalini), comes from a conventional Hindu family; another (Geetanjali) comes from a Hindu group of Socialists; the third (Nimah) comes from a Christian family and the fourth (Asifa) is a Hijabi Muslim.

She is the person who is given the grave assignment of conditioning her flat mates into switching over completely to Islam and for this reason she utilizes her young, male “family members”, her local area individuals and seniors and the sections in the Koran. She assumes she is performing a devout responsibility as referenced in the Koran and not for once does her still, small voice reprimand her into understanding that thusly, she is obliterating the existences of the other three young ladies who considered her a companion.

Indeed, even the male youths who participate to obliterate the existences of these honest young ladies have no regret or responsibility while desolating the groups of the young ladies, since they feel that it is allowed, nay honored, in the Koran and will get them an immediate passage into Jannat, the fanciful paradise. That they have previously driven their own mankind and soul into Dozzakh (damnations) by being a member in such a horrendous plan, gets away from their conditioned characters.

To my brain, quite possibly of the main scene in the film is the point at which the hijabi Head of the Nursing School states nonchalantly that the counter public, against Hindu spray painting on the walls of the school have been made by outcasts and are not supported by the school specialists. This is precisely the way that aloof Islam upholds extremist Islam – by claiming to object to revolutionary Islam, while not preventing them from committing such demonstrations loaded up with against public feelings, contempt for different religions, etc.

Shalini pseudonym Fatima’s excursion from being a lighthearted, honest understudy to turning into an enroll for ISIS to frantically needing to get away from that existence with her newborn child girl is very much sanctioned by Adah Sharma. Siddhi Idnani as Geetu who attempts to strongly relinquish her past, till it takes steps to demolish the regard her folks have in the public arena, makes the watcher take the thrill ride too. Yogita Bihani (Nimah) and Sonia Balani (Asifa) have done equity to their jobs.

Yet, the genuine legend of the film is the screenplay and cinematography. The unfurling of the scenes and the districts does marvels to the story. The frightful tunes behind the scenes cause one to listen eagerly to the profound verses. Sudipto Sen has made a magnum opus and merits a great deal of praise.

The Kerala Story certainly merits wide viewership. The normal sloganeering against the film simply merits disdain on the grounds that the film isn’t about Kerala or simply Love Jihad. It is about Mankind and how we have obliterated it by falling into a snare set by barbaric powers calling individuals who don’t show homage their God as Unbelievers or Kafirs.

The Kerala Story delivering on fifth May 2023 in theaters.

Created by : Vipul Shah

Coordinated by : Sudipto Sen


What is the main focus of the movie “The Kerala Story”?

The main focus of “The Kerala Story” is the characters and events surrounding three college-bound girls named Shalini, Nimah, and Geetanjali. It is based on real-life events and explores their stories in depth.

What happened to Geetanjali in the film?

In the film “The Kerala Story,” Geetanjali tragically committed suicide. This occurred after her boyfriend, Abdul, posted her photos and videos online without her consent.

Is Geetanjali’s picture available on the internet?

No, Geetanjali’s picture is not available on the internet or in the public domain. After the incident, her genuine picture was removed from public spaces.

Where do Geetanjali’s parents live?

: Geetanjali’s father and mother live in Kochi, as depicted in the film. Their image and video can also be seen in the post-credit sequence of “The Kerala Story.”

What is the theme of “The Kerala Story”?

The theme of “The Kerala Story” revolves around exposing the horrors of extremist ideologies and religious indoctrination. It aims to shed light on the impact these ideologies can have on individuals and society as a whole, transcending religious boundaries.

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2 thoughts on “Where is Geetanjali of kerala story? | Picture of Geetanjali Kerala Story

  1. I think it is very big stupidity to bend this realistck and awarenessfull movie in kerela
    When I watched this movie my first bed blessings rise out from my soul is for asima ,a girl who is involved in girls soldings why she was doing these all things (yeh sb krke uska _use hellfire me nhi bhejega kya)

  2. Me and my wife saw the film on May 23. We have no words to laud the film crew i.e every one – producer director actors and others including the distributors, for their guts in bringing out the film based on some real incident, which normally no one date .
    For obvious reasons there is not even single poster even in the theatre in our city a world famous Hindu pilgrim
    The film achieved its aim of exposing the brain washed extremists elements of a particular community and the meek , timid helplessness of the majority community and also failure of politicians, police and administration, what hundreds of meetings speeches, so called champions of Hindus like mos MLAs and others. Kudos to all those behind in making the film which will remain for long for its first brave attempt in exposing the impact of Isis like ideology.
    Last but not least, me and my wife rarely go to films_ may be less than ten in our 38 year.long married life but film left us contend of watching a great f in the sense in the present Indian context, it is the need of the hour.
    It will helpful to other community also to have an honest retrospection.

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