‘ISIS bride’ Nimisha alias Fathima confirms that the story of The Kerala Story is not baseless | Nimisha Fathima Story

Nimisha Fathima Story
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Nimisha Fathima Story: The Kerala Story, featuring Adah Sharma, is set to be delivered on May 5 and the trailer of the film is currently out. The movie is coordinated by Sudipto Sen and created by Vipul Amrutlal Shah’s film. The Focal Leading group of Film Certificate (CBFC) has cleared the film with An endorsement and requested 10 cuts, and the Kerala High Court would not remain the arrival of the film.

The Kerala Story‘ is an emotional portrayal of the unfortunate and horrible accounts of ladies from Kerala who were radicalized to join the ISIS (Islamic Territory of Iraq and Syria) psychological oppressor positions. It is remarkable that a significant number of these ladies from Kerala joining ISIS were changed over completely to Islam from Hinduism and Christianity with the thought process of sending them to the psychological oppressor association ISIS.

The trailer opens with a pleasant territory of Kerala and lays out Shalini Unnikrishnan – the lead character played by Adah Sharma. The trailer consequently subtleties Shalini’s Hindu family through visuals prior to uncovering that officials examined her since she functioned as an ISIS psychological oppressor. Shalini tells the officials, “As opposed to knowing when I joined ISIS, it’s more critical to know why and how I joined ISIS, Sir.”

And afterward the trailer shows how guiltless Hindu young ladies are deliberately caught into affection jihad and switched over completely to Islam.

The personality of ‘Shalini Unnikrishnan’ in The Kerala Story is approximately founded on Nimisha pseudonym Fathima Isa

The character of ‘Shalini Unnikrishnan’ in The Kerala Story is loosely based on Nimisha alias Fathima Isa

The person ‘Shalini Unnikrishnan’ in The Kerala Story is approximately founded on the existence of Nimisha false name Fathima Isa, one of the four ladies from Kerala who escaped to Afghanistan, somewhere in the range of 2016 and 2018, to join the fear outfit ISIS and take up arms against the US powers in ISIS-controlled Khorasan Region.

The three other people who escaped alongside Nimisha pseudonym Fathima were recognized as Sonia Sebastian false name Ayisha, Merrin Jacob nom de plume Mariyam and Raffaela, known as ISIS ladies. Nimisha is presently stopped in an Afghanistan jail after her significant other, an ISIS psychological militant, was killed in an assault.

Her genuine name is Nimisha Sampath. She was a Hindu and later embraced Islam. She likewise changed her name to Fathima Isa.

In November 2015, Nimisha, a BDS understudy, disappeared from her school in Kasaragod with Rehman, and 19 others from Kerala prior to arriving at an ISIS-controlled region in Afghanistan. Nimisha and Merrin left Kerala for Afganistan with their spouses, Bexin Vincent and Bestin Vincent.

While Nimisha and Merrin became Fathima and Mariyam and in the wake of switching over completely to Islam, their spouses likewise took the names Isha and Yahya after changing over. In June-July of 2016, Nimisha brought forth a young lady named Ummu Kulusu. Supposedly, Nimisha was pregnant when she left India.

Nimisha assumed name Fathima got radicalized by an ISIS frontman in Kerala Abdul Rashid. In May 2016, she left India subsequent to telling her famly that she is making a trip to Sri Lanka for strict examinations. In any case, she alongside her better half and others went to Syria to join the Islamic State. From Syria they moved to Afghanistan after some time. In August 2016, NIA enrolled a FIR and gave red corner sees against the 21 people.

Following the demise of ISIS pioneer Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, a gathering of 10 ladies and 21 kids (counting Nimisha and Ummu Kulusu) gave up before Afghan experts in October 2019. They gave up after their spouses were killed in the battle with the powers there, after which they were placed in prison. After that it became realized that some Indans who had joined ISIS were stopped in an Afghan prison.

Nimisha pseudonym Fathima, her significant other Bexin and their kids were seen in a photo from Afghanaistan in 2019, and they were recognized by Nimisha’s loved ones. They were recognized from the photos given by the NIA authorities as a feature of the confirmation. Bexin’s family likewise confrmed the personality.

The family had before supposed that it was an instance of adoration jihad as the young lady was changed over. “My youngsters were strict and devoted. My child needed to be a tactical official and girl decided to be a dental specialist,” Nimisha’s sibling Bindu had said. She had additionally said that Fathima was likewise effectively exposed to fetus removal by Syed Rahman.

Bindu Sampath had said that her girl was “conditioned” at a training place in Thiruvananthapuram by fear based oppressors and a specialist. She likewise said that Nimisha didn’t realize that her better half was an ISIS psychological oppressor.

In Kerala, Fathima’s mom Bindu K recorded a request looking for the bringing home of her little girl and four-year-old granddaughter. Bindu claimed that her little girl was a casualty of designated change to Islam through marriage or, ‘Love Jihad’. Bindu likewise moved the High Court looking for a test by a focal office into the strict changes by fanatic gatherings.

Govt of India had declined to facilitate return of four Kerala women who had joined ISIS

The Indian examination organizations talked with the four ladies living with kids in Kabul. During the meeting with the ladies, the examination organizations figured out that they have areas of strength for a for Islamic psychological warfare.

Govt of India had declined to work with return of four Kerala ladies who had joined ISIS

The public authority of India had before declared that it wouldn’t permit the arrival of four Kerala ladies who had joined ISIS in particular Sonia pseudonym Ayisha, Merrin Jacob nom de plume Mariyam, Nimisha moniker Fathima, and another lady named Raffaela.

Before long, Bindu Sampath, the mother of ISIS psychological oppressor Nimisha Fathima encouraged the Indian government to bring her little girl back from Afghanistan. She had purportedly said, “I’ve heard that Head of the state Narendra Modi is an extremely benevolent individual. I have full confidence in him.”

Bindu bemoaned that she had not gotten any correspondence from the Indian government up until this point. “Be that as it may, I’m extremely sure on the grounds that there will be different perspectives likewise in the public authority. I’m depending on that. I have faith in God. I’m certain that God will cause what is happening for her return,” she had believed.

Prominently, when the Taliban took over Afghanistan in August, correctional facilities were broken and numerous previous detainees were liberated. Since the Taliban are running the nation and it isn’t officially perceived by most legislatures on the planet, there is no announcement on previous detainees of the recent administration of Afghanistan. Indian residents dwelling in Afghanistan legitimately with substantial reports were cleared by unique flights organized by the Indian government.

Apparently, Nimisha Fathima and her little girl were among the many detainees delivered by the Taliban, and the Taliban specialists had proposed to extradite them to India, alongside different Indians. In any case, the Indian govt chose not to bring them back.

From radicalization to constrained change to ISIS association, there is an undeniable likeness in the existence excursions of Shalini Unnikrishnan, the lead character played by Adah Sharma in the impending Bollywood film The Kerala Story, and Nimisha Sampath false name Fathima Isa. In the trailer, the person named Shalini Unnikrishnan expresses that there were 32,000 ladies like her who joined ISIS and have now arrived in Afghanistan prison.

‘The Kerala Story’ portrays the aggravation of such changed over Muslim ladies from Kerala who were shipped off ISIS as fear based oppressors just to get covered in the deserts of Yemen and Syria. A feared round of changing an ordinary young lady over completely to an ISIS psychological militant is being played in Kerala throughout the previous few years. Expanding radicalization in the southern state due to the exercises of Islamist associations like the Famous Front of India and its other unified outfits is answerable for this dealing of young ladies to the bay.

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