Unique Gift Ideas for Indian Homes

Unique Gift Ideas
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Most of are confused when it comes to gifting anyone. The reason for this confusion is simple: nowadays, we’re faced with several choices with gifts available both online and offline. Some creative folk also give away handmade gifts because they’re unique and have a personal touch.

Understandably, gifting neonates, toddlers, young children and teenagers is fairly easy because they have certain age-specific needs and wants. However, our greatest challenge comes while selecting unique gifts for adults.

These challenges arise due to two reasons. The first and perhaps the most important reason is our budget. Obviously, we wouldn’t like our colleagues, friends, neighbors, relatives or anyone to judge us as misers and uncreative. That’s because people nowadays usually know how much something costs.

The second reason is that we don’t want our gift to be kept away unused merely because it’s something the receiver can’t use.

Ask any newly-wed Indian couple. Most of them might reveal they received three or four pressure cookers, half a dozen vacuum cleaners and other such appliances and electronic goods as wedding presents. Clearly, nobody needs these many and such gifts often go unappreciated due to their minimal or zero utility value.

This brings us to the third and perhaps the most compelling challenge: how to give a unique gift that doesn’t burn a hole in our purse or pockets and would be well-appreciated too.

This is where you could consider some of the unique gift ideas for Indian homes.

Reasons to Select Unique Gifts for Indian Homes

Surely, you would wonder over reasons to consider unique gifts for Indian homes. Actually, there’re many reasons for my suggestion. Here’re some of these reasons.

A unique gift for an Indian home will usually be displayed in the living room or some other suitable place. This means, it wouldn’t go waste and the recipient will appreciate the beauty it adds to their home décor.

Gifts for Indian homes are available to suit every budget. This means, you needn’t worry about burning a hole in your purse or pocket to select and give such a gift.

Furthermore, India is a land of diverse cultures. This makes it possible for us to get unique gifts for Indian homes that come from various distant states of this country and aren’t easily available offline locally. Online shopping makes it possible to gift such unique stuff.

And finally, there’s no shortage of unique gift ideas for Indian homes. In fact, tens of thousands of products are easily available both online and offline. 

Occasions to Give Gifts for Indian Homes

While a unique gift to anyone for their home would surely be welcome anytime, it’s best to give such a present during festivals and special occasions. Thankfully, we in India have myriad festivals all round the year since almost every faith is represented in our nation. Added to that, we have local and regional festivals too that definitely serve as a wonderful occasion to give a unique gift for someone’s home.

Other than festivals, here’re some common occasions during which you could consider giving a unique gift for Indian homes to your colleagues, friends, relatives or neighbors, as the case might be.

  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Housewarming Ceremonies
  • Home Renovation
  • Engagement and Wedding
  • Promotion
  • Retirement
  • Thanksgiving for Something

You can give a unique gift for an Indian home almost anytime during the year. As a matter of fact, online shopping also makes it possible for us to send a gift anywhere in India and in some instances, abroad too. Companies like Amazon offer free shipping on most products for its Prime Members.

Unique Gifts for Indian Homes

Now, let’s explore these unique gift ideas. Below, I will list several such unique gift ideas for Indian homes that suit almost every occasion and festival. Even better, these gift ideas are written with all sorts of budgets in mind. Regardless whether you’re feeling rich and generous or wish to be thrifty, these gift ideas would surely meet your needs.

Unique Lamps

In India, we can get countless varieties of unique lamps. These range from metal lamps to those made of glass or other fireproof materials. Unique lamps can be placed anywhere, on a table or standalone on the floor.

They highlight the other elements in the home décor and hence, would make ideal and unique gifts for Indian homes. It doesn’t matter whether the recipient lights the lamp or doesn’t- they add to the overall décor anyways.

Statues and Figurines

Regardless whether you’re shopping online or offline, there’s no dearth of amazing statues and figurines that one could buy as a unique gift for Indian homes. Needless to say, Indians are very fond of statues and figurines, especially if they represent some deity.

You can get such statues and figurines in wood, metal, clay and porcelain among other materials and gift.

Quotes Stands

A quotes stand is a relatively new entrant in the field of unique gift ideas for Indian homes. By way of explanation, these are medium sized wooden stands and come with colored cards that bear motivational quotes.

They are placed on tables and the quote for display can be changed daily or whenever necessary. Quotes stands are ideal to give as a gift especially to newly married couples or those who’re embarking on a career.


Maybe you’ve never heard about a samovar. Actually, it’s a large and highly decorated metal tea pot that was used in ancient times. A samovar has that antique look and adds to the décor of the home.

You can get various kinds of samovars in India such as those used in ancient Hyderabad, Kashmir, Assam and other parts of the country. Each design is unique and hence, will make a superb gift for an Indian home.


India boasts of a large and indigenous artisanal industry. Hence, we can find lampshades of various kinds, to suit almost every Indian home and ethnic beliefs. There’re lampshades made of cloth as well as those made with certain kinds of leather.

Additionally, we have paper lampshades too that’re made of lasting material with unique prints. Then come painted glass lampshades. Gift a lampshade for any special occasion since it is unique.

Potted Indoor Plants

Millions of Indians dream of buying potted plants for their homes. Unfortunately, they never really get down to getting them for various reasons. You could fulfill their dreams by gifting one or more potted indoor plants.

These are not only unique gifts for Indian homes but also healthy ones. Certain kinds of potted indoor plants can absorb pollutants inside the room and discharge ozone and oxygen. Potted plants liven up any room they’re kept and need minimal maintenance.

Folding Bookshelf

Before rushing to buy a folding bookshelf as a unique gift for any Indian home, here’s a word of caution. These can be a bit heavy and hence I suggest you shop online and have it delivered to the beneficiary of this gift.

Folding bookshelves are easy to assemble and add décor to the room. They don’t consume much space too. Such bookshelves are easy to maintain and can be stored away whenever necessary to get more space.

Vastu/ Feng Shui Items

Though most persons won’t admit, it’s a well-known fact that Indians are inherently superstitious. This is particularly the case when buying or renting or moving into a new house.

You can gift any of the Vastu or Feng Shui items that would enhance the décor of the Indian home and usher in some good fortune for the dwellers. Vastu and Feng Shui items are unique statues, plants such as the Chinese Bamboo and figurines of all sorts claimed to attract good tidings.

Sofa Covers

The sofa is a centerpiece of most Indian living rooms. Sadly, majority of Indians overuse the sofa and neglect its maintenance. Over the years, the sofa upholstery gets stained and this important piece of furniture looks old and neglected.

In such cases, gift a wonderful sofa cover. This is a very unique gift for almost every Indian home that owns a sofa. You can get various kinds of sofa covers from online and offline sources. The good news is that they’re very affordable too.

Chair Covers

Speaking of furniture, another superb and unique gift idea for Indian homes is chair covers. These can be gifted to most households that have chairs either with or without a sofa. Chair covers are available in an amazing range of styles and colors.

They’re created to fit almost all kinds of common chairs available in India. Chair covers used singly or with sofa tend to highlight the overall ambience of a living room and give it a fresh, new look. Your recipient will definitely appreciate such a gift.

Table Linen

Table linen is something you could surely consider as a unique gift for someone’s home. Broadly speaking, table linen in India is available for different purposes. These are available in ethnic designs, modern patterns and in block shades too.

Furthermore, table linen is fairly durable. This means that your unique gift would be used for a longer span of time and well appreciated by the recipient.

Wall Hangings

Last but not the least, wall hangings are something that I personally gift to anyone when it comes to giving home décor. My reasoning is simple. Wall hangings are available in a variety of material: plastic, wood, plywood, metals, glass, cloth and lots more.

This makes the selection of wall hangings very wide and almost inexhaustible. Furthermore, wall hangings are available at various prices to suit every budget and they definitely match every conceivable occasion when we have to gift someone.

Closing Thoughts

Over the years, the concept of home decor is evolving. And so are gifting strategies. With surplus income of most Indian households nowadays, majority of people would already possess something you thought of gifting.

In such situations, unique gift ideas for Indian homes could help you. You can get superb value for money gifts that would be well-appreciated by the recipient. Since these gifts are durable, they would also cherish your memory for years to come.

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