Top 5 Best In-Demand Jobs In Saskatchewan in 2024

In-Demand Jobs In Saskatchewan
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Saskatchewan is no doubt one of the best Canadian provinces for skilled foreign nationals. Like other provinces in Canada, Saskatchewan also has unique labour market needs for which it has been proactively inviting skilled professionals through the Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program (SINP) who can meet these labour shortages and contribute to economic growth.

From the healthcare to the finance sector, you can apply for the most in-demand occupations in Saskatchewan in 2024 with relevant skills and experience.

Did you know? In October 2023, around 605,300 individuals were employed, which was an increase of 19,300 jobs compared to October 2022. Meaning, the employment rate in Saskatchewan increased by 3.3%, ranked third among the provinces.

Planning Canada immigration 2024 to this prairie province? Dive into the post to know more about the job market and know the occupations that are in high demand.

Top 5 Occupations in Demand in Saskatchewan 2024

Healthcare Professionals

There has always been a high demand for healthcare workers in Saskatchewan and in 2024, the province is planning to attract and retain more healthcare professionals. Doctors, nurses, and many other healthcare experts are invited by the province through its Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program. Some in-demand healthcare occupations in Saskatchewan include Physicians, Medical Doctors, Registered Nurses, etc. If you have experience in patient care or medical diagnostics, Saskatchewan’s healthcare workforce is looking for you.

IT Specialists

The digital world is booming all around the world and Saskatchewan is no different. The province has an increasing demand for Information Technology (IT) specialists in private and public employment sectors. If you wish to build a promising career in Saskatchewan, you can apply for job roles like software development, IT project management, and even cybersecurity. Businesses in Saskatchewan are upping their game every second and the need for IT workers with the necessary experience and skills is increasing rapidly.

Business and Finance Managers

The economy of Saskatchewan is growing day by day and is looking for seasoned business and finance managers actively who can help grow that. This has generated in-demand jobs in Saskatchewan for business and finance managers. Foreign skilled workers with experience in finance, accounting, and business management can apply for nomination after meeting the requirements in the SINP calculator. Also, the province features a supportive working environment, making sure the newcomers can flourish in their careers.

Human Resource Professionals

HR professionals are one of the most in-demand jobs in Saskatchewan. Whether private or public, they are required to plan, develop, implement, and evaluate human resources and labour relations strategies. As per Job Bank Canada, around 48,600 new jobs will be created between 2022 and 2031, meaning more immigrants will be able to apply for the SINP in 2024. To get an HR job in Saskatchewan, you must meet the eligibility criteria and then apply for provincial nomination.

Skilled Trades

Skilled Trades are one of the most important sectors of Saskatchewan that contributes to the economy big time. If you have a background in electrical work, welding, plumbing, etc., Saskatchewan is the place for you to build your career. The province welcomes new immigrants in various sectors, including infrastructure, construction, and maintenance projects. So if you want a job in a skilled trade, you will find ample opportunities to show off your skills in Saskatchewan.

Other Administrative Service Managers

Last but not least, we have Other Administrative Service Managers, a highly in-demand occupation in Saskatchewan. Under this, there are various job titles you can work for like Court registrar, Administrative services chief, security services, etc. The province offers great salary packages to newcomers who are specialized in planning, organizing, controlling, and administering the working of departments, offering single or several administrative services.

Are you ready to start the process?  

Saskatchewan has various pathways for newcomers with experience to move here. Either you can opt for Canada PR through the Express Entry system or go for the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) of Saskatchewan – SINP. If not, secure a valid job offer that could lead to a direct invite for PR. To find jobs, look online on platforms such as Indeed,, and Workopolis – connect with potential employers.

Moving to a new country, a new province can indeed be quite challenging and scary at times. If you wish to earn well and move forward in your career, take that risk and apply for the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP). For more clarification about the program, jobs available, thriving industries, eligibility requirements, and more, talk to the best Canada PR consultants in Bangalore at Nationwide Visas today!

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