Tips to build your credit score if you have never taken HSBC cashback credit card ever

credit score
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Credit scores are considered when applying for a credit card or loan of any kind. Their use in figuring out interest rates on loans is also growing.

As a result, having a high credit score has become more valuable in the financial world. To improve your credit score, though, you must make use of a credit facility. It is not a good idea to apply for loans in order to establish credit because you will be charged the appropriate interest rates. Credit cards are the most economical way to establish credit since they are easy to apply for and do not charge interest until irregularities in HSBC Credit card bill payment are resolved.

So that you receive a high score the next time you check your Cibil score, let’s get right into it and explain this.

What purpose do credit cards fulfil?

It’s the same as using a HSBC cashback credit card to make a purchase instead of applying for a loan. The credit card company handles the transaction when a customer uses a credit card to make a purchase. You will receive payment for the costs you incurred out of pocket after your HSBC Credit card bill payment has been settled. Credit card transactions are documented with credit bureaus and added to your credit report, which is used to calculate your credit score, because they are considered credit items. Your credit history is shown when you do a credit score search.

If credit card bills are paid in full by the due date, interest is not charged, unlike loans. By carefully managing your credit card usage in accordance with the interest-free period, reward point programmes, cashback and discount policies, annual fee waiver, and other factors, you can lower the joining and renewal fees that credit card issuers may charge.

Applying for a credit card through your present bank is the best way to begin establishing credit, as many credit card issuers extend credit to individuals without a credit history. To view additional credit card options, visit online financial portals. These websites are designed to assist you in meeting the requirements necessary to submit a credit card application. The choice that most closely resembles your typical transactional pattern should be chosen.

You have no credit history, as you found out when you checked your credit score. If so, one way to build credit is to think about getting a secured credit card.

Usually, the credit limit on these cards is 90% of the total amount of fixed deposits (FDs) that the HSBC cashback credit card was issued for. You are unable to close these FDs until you stop using your credit card because of the liens that have been placed on them. The bank that issued your credit card might be able to sell your FDs to cover the debt if you don’t make your HSBC Credit card bill payment on time. Traditional eligibility requirements like credit score, income, and employment history are not taken into consideration by banks because they see secured credit cards as a risk-free product and do not mandate them.

With the exception of the fact that the latter can be used to secure financial instruments as collateral, regular credit cards and secured credit cards are similar. Every credit card transaction, whether secured or unsecured, that affects your credit score is monitored by credit bureaus. There are several other benefits to using secured credit cards. Some of these include an interest-free period, no petrol surcharges, reward points, cash-back incentives, free movie tickets, discounted meals, EMI conversion and more. Remember that you can always check your Cibil score.

Use these pointers to gradually improve your credit score as soon as your credit card arrives.

Ensure that you make HSBC Credit card bill payment on time and on a regular basis.

Lenders prefer borrowers who pay off their debts on time and without missing any payments. It is commonly known that credit bureaus use historical debt repayment patterns as their main determinant of credit scores. Credit scores will be lowered by late or nonexistent credit card payments since they will show up on the credit report. For a period of three to five years, loan and HSBC cashback credit card repayments are also recorded on your credit report, which may eventually make it more difficult for you to get credit. On the other hand, HSBC Credit card bill payment on time will eventually improve your credit score and your credit report appearance. You can check your credit score online to learn more.Make sure the percentage of credit utilisation is between thirty and forty percent.

When you check your credit report and score online, one significant finding is CUR.

You can see how much of your credit limit has actually been used by looking at this percentage. If you have a Rs 1 lakh credit limit and have spent Rs 20,000 on credit card purchases, your credit utilisation ratio is 20%. If your credit utilisation ratio is higher than the 30–40% range that lenders prefer to lend to, credit bureaus will lower your credit score. Contact the credit card issuer to request a higher credit limit or additional credit cards if you routinely go over your credit limit.

If you have inquiries concerning credit cards or direct loans, do not contact lenders.

The lender will initiate “hard inquiries,” or credit checks using Cibil Check Online, as soon as it receives your credit application. A hard inquiry will update your credit report and result in a slight decrease in your credit score. Instead, before making a choice, compare various HSBC cashback credit card and loan options using online lending and marketplaces. Even though these markets also ask different credit bureaus for copies of your credit reports, these requests are known as “soft inquiries” and have no effect at all on your credit score. Remember that you can regularly check your cibil score.

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