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Ramayan Prashnavali
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This forms a part of the divine HINDI material values and is unique staying among the significant literary works out of the huge canvas of the Indian spiritual literature. This ageless instrument which has its’ root from the sacred Ramayana is addressed to untangle the conundrums of life to those in need of direction. Thus, the Ramayan Prashnavali, just as the Ramcharitmanas Prashnavali does, provides a deep spirituality and the opportunity to find oneself enveloped with omniscience carved into one of the greatest epics of India.

Ramayan Prashnavali

Indeed, the Ramayan Prashnavali is more a form of divination instrument similar to the tarot whereby answers are derived based on verses from the Ramayana. It is considered as a religious text in addition to being an epic associated with Lord Rama, and a composition by the sage Valmiki himself. The Prashnavali captures the essence of these teachings to help offer solutions to the queries that are asked by devotees.

Originally the Ramayan Prashnavali is a kind of table, it is, to be precise a combination of numbers as presented in Table 1. Every combination is related to one of the verses from the Ramayana which is also mentioned beside the combinations. As for the use of the Prashnavali, one has to pray, and then pick a number blindly out of a hat. The corresponding verse is then expounded to give an outlook or pattern on issues being asked in the given passage.

The Process of Consultation

So, the use of Ramayan Prashnavali is holier than using horoscope because the Ramayan Prashnavali involves a holy book. It starts with a prayer or a meditation typically invoking Lord Rama’s benediction. The seeker then intents on the question and then chooses a number on the chart. This number very well maps to one of the verses in the glorious epic of Ramayana. The selected verse is read then explained to answer a question that someone has about a ministry.

For instance, someone who has a decision to make will set the Prashnavali to help them make a decision. It might be a verse depicting a certain event from the life of Lord Rama and they might get the piece of advice that they require for the situation they are in. The essence of this practice is this hand holding and connecting the seeker to the divine story at the same time.

Ramcharitmanas Prashnavali: Divine Tool Similar.

The Ramcharitmanas Prashnavali is a similar divination tool that uses scraps of text from the Ramcharitmanas, a devotional re-telling of the Ramayan by Tulsidas. Similar to Ramayan Prashnavali, the Ramcharitmanas Prashnavali is a consultation of verses from Tulsidas to help people out.

The usage of the Ramcharitmanas Prashnavali is also almost the same as the process shown above. Casting a rod in the water, after the prayer or meditation the seeker picks up a number related to the verse in Ramcharitmanas. This verse is then expounded for understanding and directions to be given.

Thus, both Prashnavalis act as intermediaries to the divine knowledge contained in the two texts. They crumble the realization that modern answers are concealed in the words of what we consider to be archaic scriptures and that these words are as effective as ever.

The Spiritual Significance

Thus, the study of Ramayan and reading of Ramcharitmanas Prashnavalis is not only about fortune telling. They are self-improvement devices and instruments for one’s soul. With the help of these texts, seekers are to possibility to deepen in the study of Ramayana and Ramcharitmanas. More than offering answers this practice also deepens one’s communion and connectivity with the divine recollections and the lessons in morality and ethics that the sacred texts offer.

The selected verses from the Prashnavali are mostly read as the messages about the ethical samples like dharma, bhakti, victory of the good over the evil. They can motivate people to utilize these virtues in their everyday lives and thus promote the characters’ and spirits’ development.

Practical Applications

In the highly charged mobile and career- oriented world of the present times, the Ramayan Prashnavali’s counsel is comforting and helpful. No matter if a person has the commonplace issues in life, career crises or faith crisis, one can approach the Prashnavali for help. The verses which can be drawn from it can be of immense help in clearing the doubts and also in supplying fresh vigor to a man.


Just like the Ramcharitmanas Prashnavali, the Ramayan Prashnavali is also a source for the spiritual course and the soul searching. These rudimentary touchstones enable the seeker to link to the eternal wisdom either provided in the Ramayana or the Ramcharitmanas that solves his problem in reference to his life cycle. However, the Prashnavali has been an excellent tool to enlighten people in the world that seems to be full of confusion in almost every aspect of life today and lead them to obtain proper understanding, serenity, and spiritual contentment.

This way, by experiencing the challenges of the contemporary world, we can read these texts as the recall of the divine knowledge on this earth. The Ramayan Prashnavali and the Ramcharitmanas Prashnavali are not only divination instruments but also a growing path in the sense of divinity.

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