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In the era when ‘looking for an answer’ often implies searching in one’s own heart as much as looking outside, the practice is a mature signpost to the source of knowledge. Derived from Veda and clearly associated with the Hindu culture, Prashnavali or “question oracles” can be viewed as a less traditional means of receiving divine answers to the questions that are important in one’s life. 

 What is Prashnavali? 

 The name Prashnavali can be translated as ‘A tool for questions’ where the language of the translation is sanskrit. It entails laying down any sequence of consecrated cards or a grid that bears representations of sacred icons and that each of these icons symbolises life and divinity in various aspects. It often starts with a true confession or other forms of opening to ensure that everyone’s aim is in unison with the divine.

How Does It Work?

Setting Intentions: The seeker specializes in a selected question or subject that requires readability. This step is crucial because it determines the relevance and accuracy of the response.

Random Selection: With natural motive, the seeker either chooses a card from the Ramayan Prashnavali deck or touches an image at the grid with no predetermined bias.

Interpreting the Answer: The symbol or card chosen corresponds to a selected solution or guidance, often observed by using a corresponding mantra or prayer. The interpretation of the solution calls for intuition and an expertise of the symbolism concerned.

Benefits of Online Prashnavali 

Therefore, with the digital era the facilities of online have been practised by those seeking answers to their questions all over the world. Here’s why many turn to online for guidance:Here’s why many turn to online prashnavali for guidance: 

 Convenience: It is available electronically, and you can easily access it anytime and anywhere that makes it easier than having to look at the cards or the grid. 

Anonymity: While some people prefer to ask questions in the forum, where they stay anonymous to the religious leader or priest. 

Variety and Accessibility: Most of the providers end up providing a variety of divination services along with options to choose the type of interpretation as per the users’ faith. 

Using Online Prashnavali Responsibly 

While can provide insightful guidance, it’s essential to approach it with a respectful and open mindset:While can provide insightful guidance, it’s essential to approach it with a respectful and open mindset: 

 Intent Matters: It is best to take with earnestness and in search of the answers. 

Discernment: In the same way, you should approach the guidance introduced here as intuition and assessment and realise that it is designed to help find the way to the spiritual state, not a concrete answer. 

 Ethical Considerations: Cultural and religious value of and its symbols should be appreciated and used solely for good purposes with thankfulness. 


Online acts as a mediator between ancient knowledge and present day people, people who are in a search of answers regarding the purpose of their lives or some other questions. Frequently, people may be in search of guidance on matters of love, career or any other aspects of life, and prashnavali ensures one is able to get through all that life has to offer with guidance and faith.

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