Ram Prashnavali The Power of Decision-Making

Ram Prashnavali
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Thus, the Ram Prashnavali triumphantly occupies a special place among the tools of divination and spiritual guidance. Based on the sacred Hindu books namely Ramayan and Tulsi’s Ramcharitmanas, this awe-inspiring tool provides the test as well as a straightway to directly connect the seeker with the answers he is seeking. Allow us to discuss the importance and its operation of Ram Prashnavali, also termed as Ram Shalaka and understand how it helps in making decisions. 

What is Ram Prashnavali? 

 Ram also known as Ram Shalaka or Ramayan Prashnavali intends its folklore in the context of Lord Rama. It is Made of verses from the Ramayan or Ramcharitmanas Prashnavali that are set in a grid or sequence. Devotees of the Ram come to the scripture with a question, or a problem in their minds that they wish to have solved. 

Ram Prashnavali works in a way that involves the chanting of mantras accompanied by offerings of naivedya to the divine images, invocation of deities in a ceremonial way through Arati and prostrating to the Lord through offerings of flowers, fruits, incense sticks and butterscotch. 

Preparation: Accordingly, before getting acquainted with the Ram , one should be purified – first, externally, then, internally. The seeker needs to put his question concisely and accurately, with clear intent without the inclusion of any trickery. 

Invocation: The verses used in Ram are rendered with austere spirituality. This may include Lord Rama, and other deities that the seeker may associate with the Ramayana narrative. 

Selection: The seeker then drops their hand and points at any random position at the grid on the Holy Bible; this will be the selected verses. It is for this reason that such selection is assumed to be influenced by divine intervention, or presence of spiritual power.

Interpretation: The verse(s) selected contain the answer to a seekers’ query. Therefore, while interpreting a passage one is bound to depend a lot on the knowledge of the given context and symbolism of the verses. Most probably, seekers approach spiritual guides or priests who are well versed with the interpretation of the Ram Prashnavali. 

 Significance of Ram Prashnavali 

The Ramsholds immense significance for believers due to several reasons:The Ram holds immense significance for believers due to several reasons: 

Divine Guidance: It is believed to be the words of Lord Rama where one can seek information and solutions in rigidity. 

Spiritual Connection: Citingtherefore proclaims better spirituality with the divine energies concerning Ram and Ramayan. 

Decision-Making: Most people rely on the Prashnavali in critical decisions to be provided with positive signs and directions in their daily and business lives. 


Thus, the Ram helps in arriving at the most strategic choices and incorporates religious symbolism. Originating from the great Indian epic Ramayan and later the Ramacharitmanas, it still enlightens people in their times of despair. No matter whether someone tried to consult the Ram for curiosity’s sake, or for deeply religious reasons, it is an essential piece of work that stands as an example of the great spiritual patrimony of Hindus. 

Likely, if you are in a discussing mood or if you need answers to certain questions, then free Ram Prashnavali would help you with the answers you seek in life. 

Please remember that the way of a thousand questions starts from a single question, and the Ram Prashnavali exists to shed light on that journey.

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