Rajat Dalal Put An End To Fight Between Elvish And Maxtern?

Elvish and Maxtern?
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As you all know that Maxtern and Elvish Yadav’s have been roaming on social media for a long time. And a few days ago, Elvish want to meet Maxtern , let’s get together. Then Maxtern tried to meet me because Maxtern feared that the elvish would give me some trouble.

Elvish and Maxtern?

Then Maxtern invited him to his friend’s shop to meet him, then Elvish came after a little evening, then Maxtern said how are you, brother Elvish, then Elvish Yadav said, I have not come here to talk to you or shake hands with you, the 9 or more people came with elvish to beat Maxtern or elvish found his ghost while elvish was beating Maxtern and a camera was placed on him for some time.
I switched on the camera of a phone and hid it there, in which the video camera of the fighting between Elvish and Maxternwas recorded.

Randomsena and Elvish Yadav

Or I have heard that this is everyone’s first Randomsena and elvish revealed Randomsena admin his photo which is called randomsena and all the abuses have been done to elvish yadav. Randomsena has been troubling elvish yadav since time immemorial or everyone is trying to trap elvish or Maxtern.

Rajat Dalal Maxteran

So what I am hearing now is that now Rajat Dalal has come in the middle of all this to put an end to the fight between Maxtern and Elvish. Or now I have not heard that Rajat Dalal has come live at 6:30 pm and said that he who fought has been destroyed or Maxtern has told that someone forced him to fight with elvish. And we have a feeling that Randomsena is going to get caught in the middle of all this because Rajat Dalal has ended the fight between Elvish and Maxtern. Maxtern real name is sagar thakur.

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