Kali Ma | The Goddess of Love and Respect

Kali Ma
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Kali Maa is the one of the most respected goddesses of Hindu pantheon which is having dreadful look to represent destruction ability. Still, she is the queen of tenderness and appreciation. People from all over the world are attracted to her charming personality and they look upon her as a powerful and vengeful goddess on one hand, and as a protective and caring mother figure on the other. This blog is more detailed with regards to Kali Maa and gives more insight to why Kali Ma receives such affection and adoration from her devotees.

The Mythology of Power: Kali Ma

Kali Ma is also known as Kalika and she is the fact of the Hindu pantheon. This stems from her name, Kala, which is an Indian term, meaning time symbolizing sovereignty over creation, preservation, and destruction. As the ferocious form of Parvati – the wife of lord Shiva, Kali Maa is often depicted wearing a human skull necklace and a saffron skirt made of the hands of her enemies and with her tongue sticking out.

One of the legends of Kali Maa can be traced to the wrathful goddess Durga killing the demon Raktabija. The demon became almost invincible as every drop of blood that stained the floor created a new demon; that is when Durga prayed to Kali. Finally, Kali slew the demon and drunk his blood because if she did not do that, the demon would reproduce itself and they would have lost the battle. This action is important to underline the function of this female character as an agent of purgation and justice.

Mother Kali : kali ma a collection of short stories

It is pertinent to understand that kali ma a collection of short stories’s figure and depiction is highly symbolic in its representation. Her black complexion symbolizes the cosmic belly that is the mother; the birthplace of creation and the grave unto which we all return. This essentially means that she is an animal, who has not been tamed by the society, standards, and rules. The garland of skulls and heads of the skirt signify life and death and the headless bleeds of the cycle of life existence.

Devotional Practices and Rituals

People who are devoted to the goddess Kali offer prayers in the form of worshipping, chanting, dancing, offering flowers, and even animal sacrifices, among other activities. Temples of Kali Ma are the active and lively Temples of worship and pilgrimage especially performed at the time of Kali puja and Navaratri. During such periods, the devout women bring flowers and incense to worship the goddess or seek her parental protection or the provision of food.

Signs Kali Is Calling You

This website also contains information about the Signs Kali Is Calling You, and one of the major components of it is the chanting of her mantras. These noted utterances are said to sum up and call into existence both her persona and fortitudes in order to provide security as well as spiritual transcendence. The simplest and most frequent, ‘Om Krim Kalikayai Namah’, is an invocation of her energy or power and usually chanted to seek protection or blessings.

This Kaali Maa has global appeal!

Today Kali Maa has followers all around the globe and the depiction of her as a powerful figure inspires people from every corner of the earth. Her temples are situated in some foreign countries that are known to have a large Indian community like America, Canada, and England. There she is a cultural and religious compass who is able to guide people to find their way, remember who they are, where they came from and what they lost on their way.

It could also be due to the fact that a growing number of people around the world are turning to Kali Maa cutting across cultural and religion divides. Still, is significant how many see in her a representation of virtue and power, beyond cultural and religious differences. In consonance with her birth and ministry, her message of change and freedom strikes a chord in those who aspired for inner soul awakening and deliverance.


Kali Maa is the goddess of love and respect, and she is also the goddess of hate and fear at the same time although she has creation within herself and destruction as well. She too represents all the aspects of life hence the myths and her symbolism is a wealth preparer and protector of her followers. She remains a symbol of sexual allure up to today, with men and women of all ages flocking to her to be blessed by her benevolent might. The many devotees of Kali Maa in today’s society attest to the spiritual love, respect, devotion, and strength that she provides to her believers.

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