Just got the invite for Ram Mandir, so excited!

Ram Mandir
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Just got the invite for Ram Mandir, so excited! This statement, once commonplace among the older generations, now finds its place on the Instagram story of my 22-year-old cousin. Witnessing a member of Gen Z express such enthusiasm for the inauguration of the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya was a surprise.

Exploring Gen Z’s Connection:

Gen Z, known for their distinctive fashion choices and colloquial language, seems unusually drawn to the consecration ceremony of the Ram Mandir. The question arises: What is sparking the excitement among this generation?

A Shift in Spiritual Perspectives:

Upon questioning my cousin about the fervor within his age group, his response revealed a depth of insight beyond his years. He shared, “People are slowly moving away from their inner selves. I think Ram is a big name that will help us get back to it.”

Faith Beyond Labels:

Despite the prevalent atheistic stance among many Gen Z individuals, my cousin emphasized a nuanced perspective. “For some, the ‘higher power’ could be a superpower, for others, it could be Ram, Allah, or Jesus. It’s all about faith and personal belief, and for me, that ‘higher power’ is Ram.”

Roots in Personal Experience:

The genesis of his interest in spirituality and Ramayana traced back to the inspiring story of our grandmother. Her unwavering faith, particularly in chanting the Hanuman Chalisa, left a lasting impact on him. He witnessed religion working miraculously, allowing them more time with her during her battle with cancer.

A Blend of History and Belief:

While his interest could be attributed to legal studies and media exposure, his conviction lay in the historical and archaeological evidence supporting the existence of Ramayana and Mahabharata. He firmly stated, “Ram is extremely real for me.”

Navigating Gen Z’s Perspectives:

Despite the excitement within his friend circle, my cousin acknowledged that Gen Z, in general, tends to keep a safe distance from religious matters. He attributed this to the prevailing perception that identifying with a particular religion might be considered ‘uncool.’

Challenges in Perception:

He lamented, “Gen Z views religion as something fearful and restrictive, something that stops them from enjoying certain aspects of life. I wish more people looked at it with love and hope than fear.”

A Call to Understand:

Encouraging the younger generation to delve into the significance of different religions, he expressed a desire for greater self-connection. He believes that understanding the cultural and spiritual aspects can foster a deeper connection with oneself.

Personal Commitment:

Despite the generational disconnect, my cousin expressed a definite intention to visit the new Ram Mandir. His anticipation stems from a belief that after years of conflict, Lord Ram will finally be rightfully placed at his birthplace.

In conclusion, while I may not share his enthusiasm for the temple, this 22-year-old has profoundly influenced my perspective, fostering acceptance of diverse faiths and belief systems.

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