Is trekking the Manaslu circuit worth it? My personal story

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Started back in 2020 when I was planning to go for a backpacking trek in South Asia. I didn’t actually think of Nepal anytime before days. However, as I did some research and explored my options for trekking, I heard many interesting things about Nepal. Naturally, I was drawn to the famous Everest base camp trekking route. However, I was recommended a quieter and more peaceful trekking route of Manaslu Circuit Trek. Obviously, I wanted to see Nepal’s famous mountain chains. However, I was more curious about the rich cultural heritage and Buddhist religion that I could explore while being in this region. Since the last decade, I have been very drawn to the philosophy of Buddhism. And an opportunity to witness the real-life messengers of Buddha’s philosophy was a blessing to me. I have been told that Manaslu Circuit Trek was a restricted zone and the culture here was well preserved from foreign impact, so I was really excited about this trip. 

Before I moved any further with my travelling journey, I booked my trick with Himalayan Masters. 

While I was looking for a reliable trekking agency in Nepal, I found that they specialise in the Manaslu Circuit Trek Zone and have great facilities as well as a very experienced guide. That is why I trusted them with my travel journey, and this might have been one of the best decisions I have ever made. 

How do I plan for Manaslu Circuit Trek?

So, I did some shopping and some training before the trip, which was not anything extra beyond my lower body strength with cardio running and exercises. I also took some running races so that I could adapt to the higher altitude. Basically, it was just simple exercises, and I just bought some basic things such as my clothes, jacket, and boots. I was told that I would be provided with all the necessary gear for the Manaslu circuit when I came to Nepal. 

How hard was the Manaslu Circuit Trek for me?

Please do not mistake me for a trekking expert. In fact, I have never been to such long treks in remote land before. I have been to some high hills around Europe and the USA, but I have never been in the remote Himalayan land, that too, for two weeks. So, this was a very new and scary experience for me. I did have good physical strength, and it was enough for me to get through the trek. Most of the hike was well managed by the villagers of Manaslu. There were no risky or slippery zones whatsoever. It was just like strolling around the village and slowly moving your legs into the woods. I didn’t mean to say it was easy; however, after a few days, you’re quite adapted to the altitude, and the amazing views around you make you forget the pain. 

The only day I felt like giving up was while crossing the Larke La Pass. However, the guide assisting me throughout the trek was very helpful on this part. He let me walk at my own speed and showed me some tricks to make the climb easier. However, once I was at the top of the mountain, the spectacular views made me forget the pain. All the other days were quite easy for me. So, if you’re also a first-time trekker, then do not hesitate. Trekking to Nepal is quite fun when you have good physical strength and a few months of practice before the trek. 

How did I feel during the Manaslu Circuit Trek?

I felt like I couldn’t have made any other decision. This trip literally change my life for good. Travelling to Manaslu allowed me to interact with many local buddhist people. The people in Manaslu have the simplest lifestyle and the kindest heart. Everyone who feels like giving up on their life should be here so that they can learn how simple and happy we can be in our lives. 

The locals literally allowed me to sleep in their house, and you could eat whatever they ate. Also, I got to visit many monasteries and temples along the way. Obviously, the mountains were spectacular, and I would love to be here again in my life. Not a single moment during the trip was a dull moment. And everything was so well planned by the company that I didn’t have to worry about accommodation, food, or anything else. All I did was enjoy the surrounding spaces and my trip. This was my first trip to Nepal, and I am certain that this will not be the last. If you are worried about spending thousands of dollars and weeks of time trekking in Nepal, it is worth it; it is so much worth it. 

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