How to Keep Your Earbuds Clean and Function at Their Best?

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Earbuds are convenient and compact in design, while giving you the opportunity to use them for a multitude of functions for instance, phone calls, watching music videos or even listening to a music track. Though it’s important to clean and keep your earbuds in good shape if you plan on using them for an extended period of time, you’ll need to do it regularly for optimum performance. The following post highlights the importance of earbuds cleaning and provides some tips on how we can avoid ear infections.

Why Clean Your Earbuds?

Before we go through the cleaning process, we should learn that it is so crucial to keep the earbuds clean. Eyre buildup, dust and various debris may accumulate on earbuds over the time and Thus will affect the sound quality, and perhaps destroy fragile parts. Not only will this save your earbuds but also help them to provide other benefits like letting you hear stereo in a better manner.

Materials Needed

Before you start cleaning your earbuds, gather the following materials:

  • Soft, lint-free cloth
  • Cotton swabs
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Warm water
  • Mild soap

Cleaning Process

Remove Ear Tips: Remove ear tips, from earbuds, before putting them in ears. If they may come off, remove them gently. Skip to step 2 if they aren’t detachable. 

Clean Ear Tips: The process of cleaning the ears tips is rather simple: with a moistened and warm, soapy cloth, use a soft and lint-free cloth to clean the area. It is absolutely mandatory to eliminate any residue of soapy water and then let them dry before you put them back on the earbuds. 

Clean Earbuds: Lightly rub off any trace of foreign substances appeared on the silicone tips and grilles with a dry cotton swab. It is recommended to use gentle actions or soft objects since sharp objects may damage the elements.

Disinfect Earbuds: By using a cotton swab with alcohol as a dampening agent and wiping the silicon tips as well as the grilles of the earbuds, the foreign debris can be cleaned. Alcohol cats out the bacteria on the surface very well through its ability to disinfection and sanitize. 

Dry Thoroughly: Prior to wearing your earbuds again, allow them to be air dried in their entirety. The hairdryers, stoves and any other heat resource should not be used because they may increase the degrees of heat damage to the electronic components.

Maintenance Tips

Here the following maintenance tips are also given to make sure that your earphones work well as follows routine cleaning:

  • While not being used, place your earbuds in a nice petite and dry case to prevent dust and debris from entering them.
  • You may ruin the electronic components inside your earbuds if you subject them to very high or very low temperatures for long.
  • The purpose of this is to keep a proper fit and produce the best possible quality sound. To this end, replace worn-out or damaged ear tips.
  • When you remove the earbuds, try not to pull the cables because this will, in the end, you will end up fraying the wires.

The following of the easy cleaning and maintenance instructions that you will be given, will guarantee that you will be able to continue using your earbuds producing high quality sound for many years. It does not need to be emphasized that periodic maintenance goes a long way in ensuring your earbuds can work to their expected level of functionality.

In order to make sure that your earbuds always perform well and you have pleasant audio experience, you need to be careful cleaning and maintaining them. Take a note of the tips outlined below to have longer and healthy earbuds. In that case the cleaning of your earbuds regularly is essential!

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