How Surya Abhishek done at Ayodhya’s Ram Temple?

Surya Abhishek
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As Ayodhya’s iconic Ram Temple prepares to celebrate its first Ram Navami post-consecration, anticipation builds for a momentous event: the Surya Abhishek of Lord Ram. Scheduled for Wednesday, this sacred ritual will witness the sun’s rays cascading upon the revered deity’s forehead, illuminating the sanctum sanctorum with divine radiance.

The Significance of Surya Abhishek:

On the auspicious occasion of Ram Navami, devotees eagerly await the rare spectacle of Surya Abhishek, where sunlight will grace the divine visage of Lord Ram lalla for five sacred minutes at precisely 12:16 pm. This celestial phenomenon symbolizes the alignment of cosmic energies, infusing the temple precincts with spiritual fervor.

Technical Marvels and Preparation:

The meticulous planning and execution of the Surya Abhishek reflect a harmonious blend of tradition and technological innovation. Under the guidance of Ram Mandir Nirman Samiti chairman Nripendra Mishra, scientists and experts have collaborated to orchestrate this visual marvel. Special optomechanical systems, developed by the Central Building Research Institute (CBRI) and scientists from the Indian Institute of Astrophysics-Bengaluru, will facilitate the precise capture and redirection of sunlight.

Harnessing Solar Energy:

Central to the Surya Abhishek is the intricate mechanism designed to capture and channel sunlight onto Lord Ram’s forehead. Utilizing a Fabry-Perot cavity, a sophisticated optical apparatus, sunbeams will be meticulously guided to illuminate the deity’s sacred countenance. This meticulous process ensures that the divine blessing is bestowed with utmost precision and reverence.

The Divine Illumination:

As the clock strikes noon on Ram Navami, the sun’s rays will converge upon the forehead of Ram Lalla, enveloping the sanctum in a luminous embrace. Lasting for four blissful minutes, the circular glow spanning 75 millimeters symbolizes the divine presence and blessings bestowed upon devotees gathered in reverence.

The Surya Abhishek at Ayodhya’s Ram Temple stands as a testament to the enduring spiritual legacy of Lord Ram. As devotees from far and wide converge to witness this celestial spectacle, the sanctity of the moment transcends mere ritual, offering a glimpse into the divine grace that permeates the hallowed precincts of the temple. With reverence and awe, the faithful await the sacred union of sunlight and divinity, marking a momentous chapter in the annals of Ayodhya’s rich cultural heritage.

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