Here’s Why You Should Play Dragon Ball Legends Right Now

Dragon Ball Legends
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As one of the biggest manga and anime series ever, Dragon Ball and its fans have seen their fair share of Dragon Ball games (“over 9000” games, amirite?). Most of these have graced PCs and consoles worldwide. But mobile? That’s rare!

Enter Dragon Ball Legends. Don’t let its mobile status turn you away! It’s a must-try for fans of Akira Toriyama’s masterpiece, plus it’s the best time to try it. From Dragon Ball Legends anniversary events to easily available DBL accounts for sale, here’s why you should play Dragon Ball Legends right now!

The Game Is Gearing Up for Its 6th Anniversary

This is probably one of the biggest reasons why you should try this game right now. Dragon Ball Legends is going strong on its 6th year and is gearing up for a big celebration for its 6th anniversary starting late May until June.

This means awesome anniversary banners, challenges, and rewards. Fans are abuzz with their speculations on which Dragon Ball characters will be added (Godku, anyone?). There are even pre-anniversary activities right now, like anniversary countdown challenges and missions, that work as an appetizer for the main part of the celebrations that’ll come later. It’s one big party right now and you should jump in, champ!

It’s Better than Ever with Constant Updates and Events

As mentioned, it’s the game’s sixth year but it hasn’t slowed down on updates and events at all. Earlier this year, the game has seen event-exclusive Whis, “Legends Limited” Nappa, and a Sandland collaboration. With how popular this game is, expect more in the future.

Fighting and Card Game in One: It’s One of the Best and Most Unique Dragon Ball Games Ever

We’ve seen great Dragon Ball fighting games before, like FighterZ and Budokai Tenkaichi 3. But Dragon Ball Legends takes it up a notch by taking fighting game elements and merging it with the card battle genre, resulting in a really unique Dragon Ball game experience.

Yep, you tap and swipe on your screen to attack and move, then draw cards from a deck to form combo and special attacks. And if you’re still unsure if it’s a really popular game within the Dragon Ball community, you’ll be happy to know that it surpassed 10 million registered users recently. The fans are happy, alright!

It’s Full of Dragon Ball Characters For Fans

From Goku and his buddies to iconic Dragon Ball baddies, the game is an ultimate treat for fans of the series. There are over 250 characters to choose from!

Dragon Ball Legends Characters get multiple cool forms, like Gohan getting Beast Gohan and Goku getting Godku soon (hopefully). There are Perfect Cell and Final Form Frieza for the enemies, to name a few, and fusions like Gogeta and Vegito.

It’s Great For Fans with No PC or Console

Not all Dragon Ball fans are fortunate enough to have gaming consoles or a non-potato PC. But through Dragon Ball Legends, you can still enjoy a great game of your favorite series on your mobile phone.

Set aside your mobile game prejudices. This game’s controls are well-made so you can play it comfortably with just one hand holding your phone and a finger for tapping. The input response is fast and the card game strategy gives an exciting twist.

It’s Easy To Buy Dragon Ball Legends Accounts Right Now

With how big the game is right now, there are more options to get Dragon Ball Legends accounts for those who don’t want to play catch-up. These DBL accounts have already rolled great characters, plus with enough Chrono Crystals (in-game currency) for you to use. Just make sure to use a reliable site, like, for your account needs.

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