Celebrating Separations: The Rise of Divorce Rings in 2024

Divorce Rings
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Back in 2009, the song ‘Chor Bazaari’ from the film ”Love Aaj Kal’ left everyone amazed. It was not usual to see a couple part ways and then celebrate it with a ‘break-up party’. But it is 2024 now, and separations are being celebrated with divorce rings.

American model and actress Emily Ratajkowski brought the trend to the forefront as she shared pictures of her divorce rings on Instagram. She got her toi-et-moi style engagement ring (a ring with two stones to represent two lovers) restyled into to two separate rings.

“The rings represent my own personal evolution,” the model told Vogue in an interview. “I don’t think a woman should be stripped of her diamonds just because she’s losing a man,” she added.

If you don’t want to keep your wedding ring locked in your jewellery box after parting ways from your partner, converting it into a divorce ring is an option you can consider.

The Emergence of a Trend

Even before Ratajkowski flaunted the symbolic rings on Instagram, divorce rings have been a popular concept in the West. Several jewellery stores in New York have been making break up and divorce jewellery for their customers since the last 2-3 years. Jewellery, after all, is a strong form of self-expression and can be a tangible source of empowerment.

What’s behind the trend

On the surface, divorce rings may appear as yet another jewellery trend but a deep dive into the popularity of divorce jewellery suggests a shift in the way people perceive divorces and separations. Instead of being concealed under the taboo-tinted sheets, separations and divorces are beginning to be flaunted and celebrated.

“People are starting to see divorces in a new light, and that’s great. A lot of times people used to stick to a marriage or a relationship even if there was a lot of toxicity and unhealthy traits (like abuse, emotional unavailability) from the partner. But when we look at it right now, things are sort of changing. Those stuck in bad marriages are now seeing it as a necessity rather than a taboo,” Absy Sam, a counselling psychologist from Mumbai, tells India Today.

Seeing people cut divorce cakes and throw a party to mark an end of a bad relationship or marriage is not as surprising today. Divorce rings are emerging as additions to these celebrations – as a strong symbol of commitment to self.

The Symbolism of Divorce Rings

Divorce, for many, is a remarkably brave decision. Embracing it in the form of jewellery is not only a symbol of self-empowerment and moving on, but also a statement of bold irony as jewellery has been an essential aspect of matrimonial unity, epitomised by engagement rings and adornments like mangalsutra. It is like commemorating a separation with the same respect accorded to marriage.

Ratajkowski, who has brought the trend to the forefront, said that she hopes to change the narrative around divorce and moving on with the unique accessories.

“The ring became symbolic to me – some kind of token or evidence of my life becoming my own again,” the model said.

How to Get the Divorce Rings Trend Right

Just like wedding rings, there is a wide scope of personalisation with divorce rings as well. Ena J Singh, jewellery designer and head designer at her eponymous label, hails the idea of divorce rings and has a few suggestions for people who want to embrace this trend. Getting the ring reset and restyled is first.

Take the ring to your jeweller and get it customised so that it doesn’t exactly look like your engagement ring. Instead of wearing it on your left hand, wear it on the right hand (or just slide it onto your middle finger).

“You can also use that ring rock to make a divorce pendant. It has the potential to become a strong trend as well,” Ena says.

A divorce ring doesn’t necessarily mean altering the original one. “You can also sell off your actual wedding ring and buy a new one as a symbol of a new beginning. You can buy a different shape of solitaire,” Ena adds.

Though the jewellery designer says a reason people do divorce rings is the void of not having a wedding ring, she adds choosing another piece of jewellery like a bracelet can feel equally empowering. Her suggestion? An eternity band that will stay with you till eternity. Or, a tennis bracelet as a symbol of freedom.

Eventually, it is all about self-love, moving forward, and being committed to self.

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