Bridging Generations: Jumbaya’s Ramayana Series

Jumbaya's Ramayana Series
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Jumbaya’s Ramayana Series: Do you remember those cherished childhood moments with your grandparents—listening to their life struggles and stories of the divine, and the anticipation of Sundays spent as a family, gathered around to watch Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana? These are our core memories, but can our children say the same?

Jumbaya’s Ramayana Series

The Power of Storytelling

Did you know that reading just one storybook daily introduces your child to a staggering 78,000 new words in a year? In today’s world, children’s attention spans are fleeting very fast.

Jumbaya’s Noble Mission

As we yearn for such rooted experiences for our kids, Jumbaya, the children’s storyteller, has embarked on a noble mission—retelling the epic Ramayana in an interactive storybook format while preserving its essence. His animated read-along read-aloud storybooks, titled “Ramayana: The Journey of Sita and Rama”, designed specially for children aged 6-14 years, is aimed at bridging the gap between generations through the magic of storytelling.

Preserving the Essence

The book has its unique approach in retelling the Ramayana in a meticulous way, ensuring that the essence of this epic remains unblemished. Valmiki’s Ramayana, the Adikavya or the first poem, serves as the pure source for the “Ramayana: The Journey of Sita and Rama”.

A Timeless Epic

Valmiki embarked on the literary journey chronicling Ram’s life, how he navigates the trials and tribulations and unwaveringly upholds his commitment to ideals in the face of adversity. The Ramayana resonates across generations. This ancient epic blends every emotion– love, hatred, jealousy, friendship, loyalty, sacrifice, respect, valour, forgiveness, and more. These storybooks span 6-10 minutes and are designed in a minimally animated format with high-quality illustrations, captivating music, facts and trivia, and voiceovers that convey the emotions of each scene.

Reconnecting with Timeless Values

Amidst the digital age’s constant distractions, Jumbaya’s initiative can help kids reconnect with the timeless values like love, loyalty, and sacrifice embedded in “Ramayana: The Journey of Sita and Rama”. In an era when screens often replace real-life interactions, these interactive storybooks can offer children and parents a shared experience that transcends generations.

Seizing the Opportunity

Recognizing the importance of instilling such depth and complexity in children during their formative years, Jumbaya embraces this mission when the interactive children’s books market is flourishing, projected to become an impressive 700-million-dollar industry by 2027.

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