Understanding the Significance of Samvidhan Divas

Samvidhan Divas
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Samvidhan Divas, On November 26, India observes Samvidhan Divas, also known as Constitution Day, to mark the adoption of the constitution in 1949. Let’s examine this day’s significance and its historical background.

Samvidhan Divas

Honoring Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar: Architect of the Indian Constitution

Samvidhan Divas, In addition to being the day the constitution was adopted, November 26 is also Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar’s 132nd birthday. Because of his crucial role in the creation of the Indian constitution, he is largely recognised as the father of the document, having chaired the drafting committee of the Constituent Assembly.

From “Law Day” to “Constitution Day”: Emphasizing a Singular Legal Authority

Samvidhan Divas, The day was renamed “Constitution Day” in 2015, marking a major shift from its original designation of “Law Day.” This change was made to honour the man who authored the single constitution that governs all Indian legal authorities and to emphasise its significance.

Tribute to the Drafting Committee’s Dedication

Samvidhan Divas, Under the direction of BR Ambedkar, the drafting committee took more than two years and eleven months to finish the enormous work of writing the Indian constitution. A statue of Ambedkar has been erected on the Supreme Court grounds as a memorial to their commitment, signifying his long-overdue acknowledgement.

Spreading Inspiration: Statues of Ambedkar Across the Nation

Samvidhan Divas, Statues of BR Ambedkar with his hands uplifted are inspirational and represent progress in different parts of the nation. The campaign to erect these sculptures highlights the legacy of Ambedkar being empowered and encourages acceptance of the marginalised and tolerance.

Empowering Ambedkar’s Legacy: Chief Justice of India’s Initiative

In an effort to uplift Ambedkar’s legacy and encourage acceptance of the underprivileged, the Chief Justice of India took the initiative to erect a statue on his property. The seven-foot-tall statue shows Ambedkar standing boldly forward and clutching a copy of the constitution.

Founding Mothers of India: Women in the Constituent Assembly

We honour the many perspectives represented in the Constituent Assembly and honour outstanding women who had important roles to play. At 34 years old, Dakshayani Velayudhan was the youngest member and championed for Dalit causes. Feminist Hansa Jivraj Mehta battled for women’s rights in spite of obstacles. AIIMS was founded in part thanks to the efforts of upper-caste activist Ammu Swaminathan and proponent of women’s engagement in sports and medical Rajkumari Amrit Kaur.

An Ode to the Founding Mothers: Inspirational Contributors to India’s Constitution

Let’s honour these women, the “founding mothers of India,” who have inspired generations with their unwavering spirit and efforts to social justice, as the constitution stands as a witness to the rights of billions of Indians.

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