Surdas Jayanti 2024: Celebrating the Legacy of the Blind Poet Saint

Surdas Jayanti 2024
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Surdas Jayanti 2024, a revered Hindu festival, commemorates the birth anniversary of Sant Surdas, a luminary figure in the realm of devotion and poetry. This 16th-century saint, born on April 24, 1478 CE, in north India, left an indelible mark with his heartfelt compositions dedicated to Lord Krishna. As we approach this auspicious occasion, let’s delve into the significance, rituals, and legacy of Surdas.

When is Surdas Jayanti 2024?

Surdas Jayanti 2024 falls on the fifth day of Shukla Paksha in the month of Vaishakh. In 2024, it falls on May 12th, marking Kavi Surdas’s 546th birth anniversary. The observance begins at 2:03 am on May 12th and concludes at the same time on May 13th.

Rituals, History, and Significance

Sant Surdas, despite being born blind in Sihi or possibly Runkata village, epitomized unwavering devotion to Lord Krishna from a tender age. Neglected by his family, Surdas found solace in the divine. His compositions, resonating with pure devotion, captured the hearts of many. He became renowned not only for his poetic prowess but also for his musical talents.

Historical accounts reveal Surdas’s patronage by the Mughal Emperor Akbar, underscoring the universality of his appeal. His final years were spent in the Braj region, where his devotion deepened further.

Surdas’s literary contributions are encapsulated in works like Sursagar, though many of his compositions remain lost to time. Among the surviving pieces are Sur Saravali and Sahitya Lahari, testaments to his reverence for Lord Krishna.


Surdas Jayanti is celebrated with fervor and reverence across the country. Cultural programs, recitations of his verses, and devotional songs in praise of Lord Krishna fill the air. Devotees organize bhajans and kirtans, immersing themselves in the ecstasy of devotion.

As we commemorate Surdas Jayanti 2024, let us reflect on the enduring legacy of this saint-poet whose verses continue to inspire generations, transcending barriers of time and space.

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