The Significance of Gupt Navratris and Rituals for Marriage in Hinduism

Gupt Navratris
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Each year, four Navratris are celebrated: Chaithra Navratri, Shardiya Navratri, and two Gupt Navratris. Gupt Navratri is considered an auspicious period for those who are seeking a life partner. It is believed that worshipping Goddess Durga during this period could fulfill all your desires. A renowned astrologer provides more information on the rituals to perform for marriage.

Gupt Navratris: A Time for Divine Intervention

The two Gupt Navratris are celebrated in the months of Magh and Ashadha, according to the Hindu calendar. Pandit Nand Kishore Mudgal, an astrologer from Deoghar, Jharkhand, mentioned that this year, Gupt Navratri will be celebrated on July 6, in the Ashadha month. He added that engaging in the worship of Goddess Durga with specific mantras and rituals can help you achieve your desires.

The Rituals and Mantra for Marriage

According to Hindu beliefs, the marriage of a man and a woman is done according to their horoscopes. An unfavorable position in the horoscope is believed to create unavoidable issues in a marriage. To overcome such situations, Pandit Nand Kishore Mudgal provided a mantra, which is to be chanted during Gupt Navratri.

Before starting the ritual and mantra chants, offer honey to Goddess Katyayani. The mantra is:

Om Katyayani mahamaye mahayoginyadhisvari nand gopa sutandehi patim mein kurute namah

This mantra must be chanted 41,000 times. It is believed that this ritual will remove any obstacles one may encounter in their marriage.

The Proper Attire and Conduct for the Ritual

While chanting the mantra and worshipping the Goddess, make sure to wear yellow or red-colored outfits and keep a paan in your mouth. Additionally, chant the mantras on a lotus flower garland for the best results.

Other Navratris: Chaithra and Shardiya

Similarly, the occasions of Chaithra Navratri and Shardiya Navratri are significant periods of devotion towards Goddess Durga. These celebrations honor the nine avatars of the Goddess, devoting a single day to each avatar’s worship. During these periods, devotees observe fasts and engage in worship and meditation, strengthening their spiritual connection with the Goddess.

Navratris, especially Gupt Navratris, play a crucial role in the spiritual and cultural lives of Hindus. By following the prescribed rituals and mantras, devotees seek divine intervention to overcome obstacles in their lives, including marriage-related issues. Embrace these practices with faith and devotion to invite the blessings of Goddess Durga into your life.

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