Rajgarh News: The spectacle of Dheerendra Krishna Shastri attracts thousands of devotees, flooding the streets for a glimpse

dhirendra krishna shastri
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Rajgarh district in Madhya Pradesh witnessed a bustling scene on Monday morning as the public gathered on the streets from 5 a.m. onwards, eagerly awaiting a glimpse of Dheerendra Krishna Shastri, the revered Peethadheeshwar of Bagheshwar Dham. The crowd swelled from Byawara’s Rajgarh Bypass to the new bus stand in Rajgarh city, and all the way to Khilchipur junction, driven by their restless anticipation of catching a sight of the spiritual leader. The news of Peethadheeshwar Dheerendra Krishna Shastri’s arrival in Rajgarh had quickly spread across social media from 5 a.m. on Monday.

People began gathering early in the morning, and amidst the long wait, they received confirmation that their eagerly awaited spiritual guide had arrived in the Byawara region of Rajgarh district. He had set out for Rajgarh, bringing comfort to the hopeful hearts of the awaiting public, as their hours of anticipation were soon to be over. The area from the new bus stand in Rajgarh city to Jwalpa Mata Temple was teeming with a crowd, all standing there with the sole purpose of catching a glimpse of him.

spectacle of Dheerendra Krishna Shastri

As soon as he arrived, the streets reverberated with religious chants, and he reciprocated the public’s greetings by raising his hands. The entire road was filled with a multitude of people. During the roadshow, he stayed in Rajgarh for about half an hour before departing towards Khilchipur. It is worth noting that Peethadheeshwar Dheerendra Krishna Shastri of Bagheshwar Dham will narrate the Hanuman Katha and establish a divine court in the Khilchipur district, with an estimated attendance of approximately two to three lakh devotees.

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