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Under the direction of Niranthara Foundation, Mysuru, a five-day theatre festival known as Niranthara Ranga Utsava 2022-23 has been held at Mini Theatre in Kalamandira's premises on Hunsur Road in the city from January 25 to 29.
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Under the direction of Niranthara Foundation, Mysuru, a five-day theatre festival known as Niranthara Ranga Utsava 2022-23 has been held at Mini Theatre in Kalamandira’s premises on Hunsur Road in the city from January 25 to 29.

Poet and thinker Kotiganahalli Ramaiah, Kannada & Culture Joint Director V.N. Mallikarjunaswamy, and Niranthara’s Prasad Kundur will attend the Festival’s opening. The play “Shantakavigala Vishranthi” will be performed in Gombemane, Dharwad. [Director: Prakash Garud, MD]; Jan. 26 (6.30 pm): ‘ Varasudaara, written by Niranthara and directed by Mysuru Kundur Prasad] K. Narasimhamurthy, a journalist, will be there; Jan. 27 (6.30 pm): ‘ Aneka’s Navilu Purana, Bengaluru [Director: Anagalli, Suresh]. Na. Educationist. Both senior theater artist Indira Nayar and Divakar will be present; Jan. 28 (6.30 pm): ‘ Miss Sadarame, Bengaluru, by Samashti [Director: Badigera, Manjunath L.] The Hasiru Foundation’s Honnalli Gangadhar and KAS Officer Dr. D.B. Natesh will be in attendance; Jan. 29 (6.15 pm): salutation of the festival. Arif Raja, a poet, Jayaram Rayapura, BBMP Special Commissioner, Kannada & Culture Assistant Director Dr. M.D. Sudarshan, and Niranthara’s Srinivas Palahalli will all be in attendance. The stage production of the play “Daklakatha Devikavya” by the Jangama Collective in Bengaluru [Director: Lakshman, K.P.]

Niranthara Foundation, Mysore

Niranthara involves a gathering of energetic youngsters, who have consistently offered socially helpful projects across Karnataka. The establishment has coordinated many provocative courses and taken part in some favorable to individuals battles. It had directed jathas, delivered narrative movies and arranged road plays to make mindfulness among individuals on different social issues.
Niranthara Establishment, Mysore, focuses on and endeavors as a social medium to fortify our social establishments and to track down ways of further developing training looking for quality and a group – driven society. Niranthara comprises of a gathering of energetic gifted youngsters with a social responsibility and who have been ceaselessly offering innovative and socially valuable projects all over the territory of Karnataka.

For a long time now, Niranthara establishment has been dynamic in theater, people expressions, writing and climate with a reasonable vision of social responsibility.

Niranthara has taken part in the dissent against the Chamalapura nuclear energy project by making mindfulness among individuals about the evil impacts of the venture through road plays and narrative movies. The establishment has been working with extraordinary worry about water and sterilization and have coordinated Karnataka’s very first ‘Jala-Jatha’ effective mindfulness program about downpour water gathering in Bagalkote area.

Niranthara has created notable plays like ‘Kusumabale’ by Devanur Mahadeva, ‘Jalagara’ and ‘Kalki’ by Kuvempu; Lankesh’s ‘Muttisikondavaru’; Tejaswi’s ‘Maya Mriga’ and ‘Shariffa’ by Manjunatha Belakere. A dance and music party ‘Kudala Sangama’ in light of the vachanas by Basavanna with music by C.Ashwath has been introduced by us 79 shows all over Karnataka. It has additionally introduced Badal Sarkar’s ‘Bhoma’ which manages the issues of the laborers.

“Junjappa”, Coordinated by Prasad Kundur. Nirantara Establishment acquainted people legend Junjappa with the crowd through the play ‘Junjappa’. Everything without a doubt revolved around the difficulties looked by people legends. The Establishment is likewise attempting to safeguard India’s multi-social ethos. There are endless stories in society culture about the battle against predominance of societies from outside. These accounts make sense of the opposition and hold mirror to history,

It has been directing ‘Sahaja Ranga’ a yearly theater studio for undergrads. The principal point of ‘Sahaja Ranga’ is to bring the new age up close and personal with various wings of the general public

All the more as of late Niranthara organized “Shivarathri”, A play by Dr.Chandrashekar Kambara which is coordinated by Chidambara Rao Jambe (NSD) that contacted numerous hearts of the city with strong discoursed thus interface with exceptionally present political situation.

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