Indian Institute of Astrophysics’ Crucial Role in Surya Tilak Project in Ayodhya

Surya Tilak
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Indian Institute of Astrophysics (IIA), Bengaluru, an autonomous body under the Department of Science and Technology, has played a pivotal role in the Surya Tilak project conducted in Ayodhya.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Involvement:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi observed the ‘Surya Abhishek’ on Ram Lalla through live streaming on an iPad.

Initiative Led by Abhay Karandikar:

Abhay Karandikar, the Secretary of the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, and former director of IIT Kanpur, shared insights about the execution of the ‘Surya Tilak’ project by scientists from IIA, Bengaluru.

Execution of the Project:

Karandikar detailed how the project was executed by a collaborative effort between IIA, Bengaluru, and experts from the Central Building Research Institute, Roorkee.

Design Modifications:

Due to the incomplete construction of the temple, IIA experts modified the design of the project to align with the existing structure, ensuring successful implementation.

Future Plans:

The final design of the Surya Tilak involves additional mirrors and lenses, which will be implemented once the temple construction is completed.

Astronomical Expertise:

Karandikar highlighted the expertise in astronomy required for calculating the position of the sun accurately on the English calendar date of Sri Ram Navami, which changes annually.

Opto-Mechanical Design:

The team meticulously designed the opto-mechanical system to ensure precise alignment with the sun’s position, allowing the ritual to be conducted seamlessly.

Manufacturing and Implementation:

The device was manufactured by Optica, Bangalore, with implementation assistance from the Central Building Research Institute, Roorkee.


The SuryaTilak project, led by IIA, Bengaluru, stands as a testament to the convergence of scientific expertise and cultural traditions, facilitating the observance of rituals with precision and reverence.

This collaboration underscores the importance of scientific institutions in preserving and promoting cultural heritage while advancing knowledge and technology.

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