Glance: A Strategy Aid for Bigg Boss 17 Contestants

Bigg Boss 17
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Bigg Boss Fans,

Welcome and congratulations! Finally your favorite “Bigg Boss” is here with “Dil, Dimaag and Dum.”

It’s been a long wait, but with the theme and new changes to the format, Bigg Boss 17 is going to deliver. Did you notice? This year they have a strategic twist? The Glance smart lock screen, choice of 190 million users, is the best mate of some Bigg Boss contestants this year. Bigg Boss is a 3 months long reality show, and contestants learn throughout the journey.

The contestants better themselves with each twist and turn and a “Weekend ka Vaar” included. But, do they have to? This year, Glance and Bigg Boss say, “No.” The contestants don’t have to wait that long. Some are the favorites and they’ll get the special treatment; an aid for survival. But, does it mean, the same contestants will win? Is it mentioned that the favorites will remain the same? No. So, assumptions aren’t what this year will play on. It will be strategy, strategy, strategy!

Keep reading to find more about Glance and its benefits to Bigg Boss 17’s contestants.

Glance helps in developing strategy in Bigg Boss 17

Glance Like it was never Before or was it?

Glance smart lock screen is well known for its smart lock screen features. It makes the lives of its users; a little more interesting, a little more beautiful, a little more entertaining, and a little more informed.

But, did anyone think of Glance using strategy to elevate the Bigg Boss game? Not many thought how Glance would pull off in Bigg Boss 17. It has and skillfully so. There’s no question that its contribution is vital to this season’s theme. It might even be safe to say that Glance is Bigg Boss when it comes to  “The House of Strategy.” Keep reading to learn about the same.

Glance and Bigg Boss: Cooking the Indomitable Strategy

It’s not news anymore that Glance smart lock screen will be an integral part of Bigg Boss 17. But, there are still aspects that you must be interested in. Some things that you want to explore more. For instance, how does Glance help the contestants with their Bigg Boss strategy.

This has not gone unnoticed and you will get answers to it. Glance has immense features, right on your lock screens. No unlocking the phone, no unnecessary information. Only information, updates, and tips that are streamlined for you. No distractions.

So, do you think Glance allows distractions on Bigg Boss 17? That’s right. It doesn’t. All there is to partnership between Glance and Bigg Boss contestants, it’s about Bigg Boss and strategy. For more on it, keep reading below.

Glance gives Bigg Boss House latest news to Contestants

Glance’s Game-Changer: How Contestants Master the Strategy!

A game changer, that’s what Glance will be in Bigg Boss 17. Maybe your favorite contestant is winning this half, but do they have access to Glance smart lock screen? If not, it’s time, change your favorite contestant. Kidding. There might be time they will have access to the giant Glance smart lock screen. When do you think will that happen? Participate in the poll on Glance now, before that, remember to enable Glance.

Coming back to game-changer Glance. It will help the contestants through:

  • Updates
  • News
  • Glancified tips (contestants will learn what to do next)

Seems to be fun, but, is this only why ex-contestants are jealous? Find out in the section below.

Glance helps  Bigg Boss 17 contestants make  better strategies

Ex-Contestants Green with Envy: Glance -ing at the Secret Sauce!

So, ex-contestants are all like, “Why didn’t I get a chance to go in this season?” But why? Because there’s a phone in the house. A house where the phone has been a taboo for years, now has it. Only, there’s no unlocking, only Glance with its strategic tips, updates and news.

Ex-contestants have a lot to be envious about including Bigg Boss being biased. But, is he? Is it official? Keep reading.

Bigg Boss or Bigg Bias? Decoding the Glance-Glitter Drama!

Glance adds glitter to your life, and why wouldn’t it do the same for Bigg Boss? Yes, there is Glance glittered drama in Bigg Boss this season. But, is Bigg Boss in on it? Might be. There will be selected contestants that get favors. This includes an access to “The House of Strategy” and thus Glancified tips.

These tips won’t be out of the blue. They’ll be well formulated by Glance to help the contestants better their game. But, who gets to access this? Time will be the judge of it. Till then, do you have any idea how Glance helps you?

On enabling Glance, you can seek different benefits, as a Bigg Boss 17 viewer. What are these? Read below and learn for yourself.

Glance’s Peek-a-Boo: Secrets for Bigg Boss Fans!

As a Bigg Boss fan, you will want to watch it 24/7. But, it’s not possible. We have to agree to it. But, one thing is still possible. You can have access to all things Bigg Boss, without watching 24/7.

A recent drama, you’ll get notified. A nomination, you’ll get notified. An unexpected twist, you’ll get notified. Everything important will be there, right on your Glance smart lock screen.

To summarize it for you:

– You’ll have access to Bigg Boss news

– You’ll have access to Bigg Boss updates

– You’ll have buzz on recent Bigg Boss drama

– You’ll have opportunity to interact in quizzes and polls

– You’ll have live shows on Glance daily for anything new on Bigg Boss

– You’ll have the opportunity to participate in contests and win.

Glance & Bigg Boss 17: A Tale where Dimaag Meets Strategy!

So, it’s official. Glance is ready to unveil a take where Dimaag Meets Strategy in Bigg Boss 17.

The contestants will have access to all the news, updates and Glancified tips. Everything that’ll help them succeed. But, will that be enough? Only time knows.

There will also be something for the viewers, even more than Glance usually has.

For that, you’ll need to enable your Glance smart lock screen. It’s not a long process, just read the paragraphs below:

Firstly, you’ll open the “Settings” option in your smartphone. Then go ahead and click on “Display” or “Lock Screen.” It can be different for different smartphones. So, it can go like first Display then Lock Screen. Now find Glance option in the menu, if not available, skim the Lock screen, the drop down menus. At last, check the box, or toggle where it is written “Enable Glance.” It can be different for different smartphone types.

For a more concise approach follow this:

Open Settings—Display— Enable Glance.

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