Discover Your Signature Fragrance This Perfume Day 2024

Perfume Day 2024
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Perfume Day is the perfect occasion to explore a curated selection of fragrances, each bottle holding a unique story waiting to be told. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or looking for a thoughtful gift for a loved one, let these captivating scents become a part of your journey.

Bella Vita: CEO Man Luxury Perfume

For the discerning gentleman, Bella Vita presents CEO Man Luxury Perfume, a blend of floral and woody notes that exude sophistication. With refreshing top notes of lemon and spicy hints, complemented by a heart of aromatic geranium and lavender, and grounded by base notes of moss and vetiver, this fragrance is perfect for everyday wear. Price: ₹400 for 100ml. Purchase here

ITC Engage L’amante Aqua

Embrace modern masculinity with ITC Engage L’amante Aqua, a refreshing fragrance that combines green lavender with earthy clary sage and balsam fir patchouli. Confident and sophisticated, this scent leaves a lasting impression wherever you go. Price: ₹749 for 100ml. Purchase here

EDW Essenza: Mikkel

Experience the fine balance between mystery and elegance with EDW Essenza’s Mikkel. Sharp top notes of lavender and bergamot lead to a heart of sensual neroli and orange blossom, while rich undertones of vanilla and amber create an unmistakable aura of sophistication. Price: ₹3950 for 75ml. Purchase here

Fogg Impression

Unleash your elegance with Fogg Impression, a blend of fragrances that offers long-lasting freshness. With notes that complement your style and make heads turn, this fragrance is perfect for those seeking a classic and timeless appeal. Price: ₹499 for 90ml. Purchase here

Wild Stone Red Eau de Parfum

For the confident young man with an active lifestyle, Wild Stone Red Eau de Parfum is the ultimate choice. Energizing top notes blend with floral and masculine undertones, creating an unbeatable boost of freshness and energy that lasts all day long. Price: ₹212 for 30ml. Purchase here

This Perfume Day 2024, embrace love, embrace uniqueness, and celebrate with the special essence of scent. Let these captivating fragrances become your signature, a sophisticated statement of style that leaves a lasting impression.

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