Celebrating Womanhood: Chandannagar Jagadhatri Puja’s 51st Year

Jagadhatri Puja
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The 51st Maa Jagadhatri celebrations of the Sabinara Jagadhatri Puja Committee in Chandannagar will have a provocative subject that speaks to the shifting social dynamics of the modern world. “Kokhono Tanwi, Kokhono Agnee” (Sometimes Tender, Sometimes Fiery), the pandal’s theme, eloquently conveys the complex role that women play in our society.

Depicting the Dual Role of Women:

The portrayal of women’s dual roles in their lives is central to the issue. They are the courteous homemakers who take care of their families and raise their kids on the one hand, but they also represent strength and perseverance as they overcome obstacles to achieve the highest levels of achievement in a variety of endeavours.

Artistic Representation by Prasanta Khatua:

Through his excellent artwork, renowned theme maker Prasanta Khatua has brought this idea to life. The portrayal shows how Indian women have overcome long-standing superstitions about girls and gender biases against them. Their simple existence, steeped in India’s rich cultural legacy, are depicted in the art.

Empowering Women Against Odds:

The pandal celebrates the resilience of women who, in the face of misfortune, defy social expectations and struggle valiantly to maintain their status and dignity. It recognises their willingness to take on obstacles head-on and commends them for their tenacity in preserving Indian traditional values.

Shaping Families and Society:

In addition to helping to shape families, women have played a crucial role in improving society, as recognised by the Sabinara Jagadhatri Puja Committee. The topic emphasises how proud India is of its women’s achievements around the world.

The pandal is a potent tool for reflecting on the changing roles and contributions of women in our society as the committee commemorates Maa Jagadhatri’s 51st year. It displays women’s strength, resiliency, and capacity to overcome social restraints.

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