Best camping places in Rajasthan to enjoy the best of desert state

Best camping places in Rajasthan
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Want to experience the natural beauty of the desert state more closely? Then you must check out these best camping places in Rajasthan full of wilderness. 

For a state that is geographically the biggest in our country, Rajasthan holds an insane amount of surprises for every kind of traveler. While most of the areas are desert land covered by the great Indian thar desert, as you explore, you will find the single-tone backgrounds of lakes and scenes that are abundant with lush green natural beauty. As a camper, one of the best things about the ‘Abode Of Desert’, which is literally what Rajasthan translates to, is that it has plenty of places where you can enjoy camping, each different from the other. We’ve fine-combed through the entire map of the state and found out some of the best places for camping in Rajasthan.  

Top camping places of Rajasthan 

So gear up with your accessories for camping in Rajasthan! Given below are the best 10 camping spots in Rajasthan that one must certainly explore during their trip to this land of heritage.

Sam Sand Dunes 

The first camping experience every person wishes to enjoy in Rajasthan is Desert Safari and Sam Sand Dunes in Jaisalmer is the best place to experience it. It is a prominent place where you get to sleep in tents amid endless golden sands. With vast stretches of sand dunes, go on safari on camelback or the jeep. Take a ride during the late afternoon so that you can watch the picturesque sunset in the desert. Jaisalmer celebrates a Desert festival organized in the months of February and March. This time you can enjoy the folk dances, camel races and other cultural events as well. 


This camping location is quite opposite the desert land area. Sambhar Lake is the largest inland salt lake in the country and one of the favorite spots for adventure lovers. You can witness several species of migratory birds at this beautiful white stretch of sand. While night camping here, you can enjoy the starlit night. Sambar is one of the best camping places in Rajasthan with so much natural beauty around. Not just nature, there are temples you can visit and lakes where you can click photos of flocks of Flamingos that migrate from other countries. Also, try the local traditional food with a bonfire around, and enjoy the folk dance of the local artists. 

Mount Abu 

Sitting in the lap of the mountains, Mount Abu is a beautiful, refreshing hill station to visit in the Aravalli Ranges. With an elevation of 1,220 meters, it makes the best camping places in rajasthan for its beautiful landscapes and mesmerizing views. The outskirts of Mount Abu lets you discover both calmness and adventure along with the lush green forests and the beautiful weather. You can do several activities such as rock climbing, trekking, swimming, bathing under the waterfalls, and take in the beautiful view of the surroundings. Relax around a bonfire and curl up inside a tent!


Camping in Pushkar is an all-new experience carrying a spiritual atmosphere along with naturescape. Though Pushkar is a city renowned for its spiritual atmosphere, it also provides a gateway to exciting desert adventures. Embark on a desert safari in the vicinity of the city for the desert exploration in the ever-evolving sand dunes. On camel safaris or jeep excursions, witness the harsh beauty of the desert, as well as observe local wildlife. Enjoy an ideal experience of camping at Pushkar having a unique combination of spiritual tranquility with the surreal beauty of Pushkar lake, as well as thrilling desert adventures in the Thar Desert. 


Osian is a desert gem and one of the best camping places in Rajasthan at Jodhpur. Here you can immerse yourself in the history of Rajasthan while enjoying the serenity of the desert. Not only does camping in Osian provide you with the peace of mind of camping in the desert, but it also allows you to connect with the cultural roots of the state. The blend of historical significance and the magnificence of the desert makes Osian a place that tempts history fanatics as well as nature buffs. The golden desert, the majestic temples and the sands under the vast sky form an aura of serenity and peace.


Ranthambore is popular for its amazing wildlife especially the tigers which makes it a fantastic destination for desert camping in Rajasthan. The terrain is covered in sandy dunes as well as patches of leafy and rough hilltops. Camp in the wild sandy landscape in Ranthambore, as it is a perfect way to see the animals in their natural habitat and experience the bliss of nature in Rajasthan. Ranthambore is the heaven on earth for nature lovers. The wildlife in Ranthambore is something to explore at least once in a lifetime. Go on a safari to the Ranthambore National Park, get to spend a night in a tent with a view of a beautiful deep green forest amidst this close to nature.


Bikaner is one of the best camping places in Rajasthan for its captivating wide sandy terrains, dunes, desert, and thrilling camps. Indulge in the vastness of the desert, fall asleep to the music of nature and wake up to a beautiful view of the wide, bright desert. The only thing you should keep in mind while visiting Bikaner is not to choose summer as a season. The heat is unbearable. For camping, winter is the time to plan your trip so you can tour freely in the pleasant weather. There’s so much to explore in Bikaner from the Rajput royal heritage to the beautiful desert safaris, stargazing, and treating yourself to tasty local food.  


Jaisamand, nestled amidst the Aravalli Hills in Rajasthan, offers a unique and stunning backdrop for camping. Whether you’re seeking an adventurous escape into the wilderness or a serene retreat by the tranquil waters of the second-largest artificial lake in Asia, Jaisamand has something for everyone. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature by camping within the Jaisamand Wildlife Sanctuary or pitch your tent along the shores of the majestic Jaisamand Lake and wake up to breathtaking views of the water and the surrounding hills. Enjoy activities like kayaking, boating,and fishing, or simply relax and soak up the sun. 


Camping in Kumbhalgarh, the majestic hilltop fort nestled amidst the Aravalli Hills of Rajasthan, is an experience straight out of a fairytale. Imagine waking up to panoramic views of the rugged terrain, exploring ancient ramparts steeped in history, and stargazing under a blanket of twinkling stars. You can either camp at the foot of the imposing Kumbhalgarh Fort, the second-longest wall in the world after the Great Wall of China. Explore the fort’s seven massive gates, intricate temples, and hidden chambers, feeling the rich history come alive. Or you can go on exhilarating jungle safaris through the Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary, Trek through rugged hills, rappel down cliffs, or try mountain biking for a dose of adrenaline. 


Sariska is yet another beautiful camping place that would make you feel close to nature. This camping is a little more special. Here, you would undoubtedly be in the wild. Staying right at the foothills of the Aravali Mountains ranges, in the middle of the Sariska national park, your stay here can get adventurous. Go on a safari to the National park where you get to witness some of the rarest wildlife species. Appreciate the starry sky with a plate of the sumptuous feast and some great folk music. You can also go for activities like trekking, air rifling, motorcycling in the dunes while camping here. 

Explore the pristine shores, where azure waters meet lush jungles on a Koh Chang tour, where adventure and serenity intertwine in perfect harmony. Discover hidden waterfalls and vibrant marine life, a paradise waiting to be explored on Koh Chang’s enchanting shores.

With the changing landscape and culture throughout the state, these are the best camping places in Rajasthan covering every bit of it. If you think we missed out on one, do let us know!

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