A Beginner’s Guide to Wearing Half Sleeve Kurtas with Confidence

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One of the most traditional and adaptable pieces of apparel in an Indian man’s wardrobe is without a doubt the kurta. Whatever the occasion, this traditional soul-infused ethnic staple will make you look better. Wearing a well-made kurta is appropriate for many events, including festivals, engagements, weddings, and regular workdays.

Choosing the ideal half sleeve kurta for your body type can help you look and feel like a million bucks.

Not only will knowing your best features help you dress well, but it will also help you choose what to wear. We’re thrilled to offer you some crucial pointers and advice on how to choose the ideal shirt for your distinct body type.

Inverted triangle body type

Your body can be described as an inverted triangle if your shoulders and chest are wider than your bottom half and narrow waist. Another name for this is an athletic body.

Your best friends are Slim-fitting short kurtas with horizontal stripes because they will elongate your relatively narrow waist. Any details, particularly those surrounding the shoulders, will draw attention to your broad frame and distort the proportions of your body. Straight-leg pants go well with your kurta. Churidaars should be avoided because they will draw attention to your chicken legs.

Triangular-Shaped body type

Men with triangular body types tend to have narrower shoulders and a heavier lower body than their upper body. As a result, a natural triangle is formed.

For a slimming effect, choose kurtas in darker colors like blues, greys, blacks, and browns. Draw attention to your upper body and open up your shoulders. Wear a structured jacket to elongate your body and complement your kurta.

Wear straight-leg pants with your Kurta. Churidaars should be avoided since they will only make your lower body appear rounder.

Oval-shaped body type

Men with oval frames have shorter, broader limbs and a torso that is wider than their shoulders and bottom. Finding kurtas that slightly slim and frame your body is the aim here.

Kurtas with pin and vertical stripes look very attractive and give the impression of being longer. Choose kurtas in solid colors that don’t have any embroidery or embellishment on the front. Add black or white straight pants to finish the ensemble.

Rectangular build body type

Men who have a rectangular body type are typically tall and lean. Their hips and waist measure about the same width as their shoulders.

You’ll need to wear kurtas that give the appearance of structure. While printed kurtas with block prints and a splash of color look great, kurtas with vertical stripes should be avoided if you have a rectangle body shape because they make you appear thinner. Wear a structured floral jacket with your kurta to elongate the appearance of your chest.

Men’s rhomboid/trapezoid physique

A well-developed chest and broad shoulders characterize men with a trapezoid build. For men, this is one of the most attractive body shapes because of its smaller waist and bottom.

Thankfully, the majority of hues and designs complement your build beautifully. You can play around with the kurta’s hemline. To make a statement, choose mandarin collar half sleeve shirts with asymmetrical hems and churidars.

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